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TikTok Helps Aspiring Creators with Creator Fund, Recipients include Brittany Tomlinson and David Dobrik

The recipients of the TikTok Creator Fund were recently announced, allowing many who weren’t famous before TikTok to continue their passion and work on the app. The creator fund is just another example of how social platforms are legitimizing content creation as a livelihood and are seeking to help their most popular creators monetize. Let’s dive in. 

The TikTok creator fund is a $200 million fund that will grow to $1 billion in the US over the next three years, and more than double that globally. Its purpose is to support creators who hope to make a livelihood from content creation on the platform. TikTok hopes that this dedicated creator fund will present an opportunity for creators to earn a livelihood, and if not, simply reward them for their creativity, inspiration and passion.

“Eligible users must be 18 years or older, must be in the U.S., meet a baseline of 10K followers, have accrued at least 10K video views in the last 30 days, and post original content” that doesn’t violate the company’s community guidelines, according to a TikTok blog post.

The only requirement after chosen to partake is to follow the app’s Community Guidelines.

Here are the announced creators that will be benefiting from the creator fund so far, from TikTok’s blog post. 

  • @acooknamedmattMatt Broussard is a Seattle Zagat 30 under 30-awarded chef who shares his passion for cooking through his video creation and pop up dinners. Matt educates people on how to make his favorite recipes in addition to showing off his impressive knife-cutting skills. 
  • @alex.stempAlex Stemplewski is a Los Angeles photographer best known for his impromptu public photoshoots. Many of his videos depict him approaching a stranger in public and offering to photograph their portraits in unique ways, which he shares with them and in his videos.
  • @avaniAvani Gregg, passionate about beauty and makeup, has built a following of nearly 24 million followers who love her makeup tutorials. Avani brings characters she’s sketched in books to life, using colorful palettes and unusual techniques. As she continues to build a career as a creator, she is also exploring her interests in fashion, dancing, and acting.
  • @brittany_broskiBrittany Tomlinson is an iconic example of a TikTok creator success story. Initially known as “Kombucha Girl” for the viral video of her trying kombucha for the first time, Brittany has grown her platform on TikTok to five million loyal followers over the course of the past year. 
  • @cheyennejazwiseCheyenne Jaz Wise, a cosplay creator from Las Vegas, NV, is currently on furlough, due to COVID-19, from one of her seamstress jobs and children’s theater program. She has turned to TikTok to share her passion for sewing creative costumes.
  • @daviddobrikDavid is a digital entertainment personality known for his high-energy videos consisting of pranks, cute animals, and fun with friends. His humorous and entertaining content has amassed more than 20 million followers. 
  • @doctor.jesss Jess Andrade is a pediatric resident who wants to make healthcare and health-related information accessible to all. Many of her videos show a day in the life of her as a doctor or give helpful information about hot topics in healthcare.
  • @dreadknotwoodshopDarryl Jones is a woodturner from Deltona, Florida, and the founder of Dread Knot Woodshop. He teaches classes in person and online and appears at trade shows. Show cancellations due to the pandemic have heavily affected his business. The silver lining has been being able to continue to bring his work to people through TikTok.
  • @feelgoodfoodieYumna Jawad joined TikTok by word of mouth from her close-knit food community. She believes food shouldn’t only taste good, it should make you feel good. Yumna food vlogs on TikTok. 
  • @heyelizaChance Moore and Kate Hudson are parents to Eliza, an amazing and beautiful 10-month old girl battling cancer. Chance and Kate share videos about their lives as a family dealing with a very tough situation. Their videos of family positivity and optimism have amassed nearly 3 million followers. 
  • @justmaiko Originally dancer and now full-time creator, Michael Le is widely known in the TikTok community for starting trends and creating memorable choreography. He recently hit 35M followers and is continuing to grow with his fun and exciting dance content.
  • @lgndfrvrJustice Alexander has a passion for entertaining those around him and putting smiles on their faces with his comedic and family-friendly approach. Better known as LGND, he is based in Los Angeles and is known as one of the top Latino creators on the platform. 
  • @lifeofadoctor Dr. Fayez, a healthcare professional, has quickly gained over 500K followers since starting his TikTok journey in the fall of 2019. Many of his videos depict him myth-busting common misconceptions within healthcare or giving his audience a glimpse of his everyday life as a doctor.
  • @marstruckAs a proud Asian American, Marissa Ren uses her platform to educate viewers about Asian influences on global fashion while also sharing videos about her current favorite fashion trends.
  • @mattgresiaMatt Gresia is an entrepreneur and business guru. He uses topics that followers would find relatable for his entertaining “Did You Know” and informational videos.
  • @onlyjayus Isabella Avila recently graduated with a degree in computer science and math and moved to Los Angeles to take her creator career to the next level and pursue it as a full-time job. Her videos surrounding facts and psychology erupted on the platform, and she was one of the inaugural 2020 LGBTQI+ TikTok Trailblazers. 
  • @rosssmithRoss Smith is a veteran digital entertainment personality from Westerville, Ohio known for his hilarious videos filmed with his Granny. The iconic duo never fails to entertain their loyal follower base with original skits and comical pranks. Ross has been an active creator on TikTok for several years and is continuing to grow every day.
  • @spencerx Spencer Polanco Knight is a Beatbox artist from Manhattan whose growth on TikTok over the past year has been explosive, receiving support from almost 40 million followers. Spencer is particularly passionate about spreading awareness of beatboxing as a mainstream music medium. 
  • @tonyyounmdDr. Anthony Youn is a board-certified plastic surgeon known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon™.  Tony uses his TikTok presence to educate people about holistic beauty and empowers them to look and feel the best version of themselves.

Here are some recent TikTok campaigns with influencers to best exemplify how you can too level up your brand.

@the.navarose for Lulu’s


disney princesses as aesthetics with my new @lulus wardrobe ✨⛓? ##lovelulus ##ad ##disneyprincess

♬ 3azy Money Disney Trap Cap x Tommy Genesis – the.navarose

For this trendy clothing brand, @tha.navarose was the perfect influencer. It’s evident that the brand gave the influencer creative freedom as not did her video fit in with her overall type of fashion content but also incorporated a trend of “Outfits I would wear if…”

@lorengray for Extra Gum


tag me in your expectation vs reality video using this sound and ##dontpopmybubble ✨? @extragum ##ad

♬ Dont Pop My Bubble – extragum

This partnership with one of the most followed TikTok stars was the impetus to kicking off their branded hashtag challenge as well. The challenge is easy to replicate and relatable to all.

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