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Plan, Discover, Manage and Measure Creator Partnerships in One Place

Welcome to the most unified influencer solution, designed just for you. Easily create, scale, boost, and analyze every component of your influencer marketing strategy in one place.

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Access Unique, Verified, and Actionable Data

Understand where your brand, competitors and creators fit in across the social landscape with a solution that delivers actionable insights to serve as the cornerstone of your influencer marketing strategy.

Social Insights

Set custom trackers and analyze data to uncover trends, competitive differentiators, and opportunities to drive your influencer marketing strategy forward.

First Party Data and 
Creator Surveys

Need to survey your network? Easily engage them within the platform. First party data and insights align you and your goals with the right creators.


Simply Identify the Right Influencers for You

Whether it's personal details, audience relevance, creator match, or historical performance data, the creators you’re looking for are easily discovered.
    • Identify

      With more than 500 search filters at your disposal, connecting with your ideal influencer is just a few clicks away. Sort by engagement, personal details, previous brand collaborations and audience demographics - then use the global post search to discover influencers who are organically talking about specific topics and trends.

    • Analyze

      Make informed casting decisions with the help of in-depth profiles and data points to gain visibility into creator causes and interests. Plus, access AI-generated brand affinity and brand safety scores.

    • Curate

      Assemble curated lists of creators based on your custom criteria, and share with stakeholders for feedback and approval.

    • Scale

      Receive an AI-generated list of creators based on your criteria combined with velocity, brand relevance, contextual relevance, and audience demographics. Scale results with lookalike creators who share similar audience traits.


    Control Every Aspect of Your Influencer Activation

    Easily visualize activations across all of your marketing channels. Every step has been simplified so you can seamlessly manage your creators and campaigns. This platform is designed just for you.

    • Content and Communication Workflow

      Build and distribute campaign briefs, partnership terms and contracts, collaborating with creators directly in the platform. Distribute content feedback, schedule posts and amplify content within one singular hub.

    • Gifting & Product Fulfillment

      Integrate with Shopify to manage influencer product deliveries in-platform. We automate each step and offer real time updates,giving you more time to build creator relationships.

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    • Affiliates

      Create trackable custom referral links and discount codes. Then activate creators, manage communications and payments, monitor data, and most importantly drive sales.

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    • Payments

      Designed for the global influencer economy, Captiv8 payments gives you visibility into every aspect of creator payments. Integrate with third party payment solutions, access campaign financing, and offer creators flexible pay options in almost any currency.

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      Measure Results

      Custom Data and Reporting to Influence Decision-Making

      Our enterprise dashboard enables real-time performance monitoring. API integrations across social platforms help you to measure against your KPIs and power your decision-making as you build long-term influencer strategies.

      • Custom Metrics

        Build personalized formulas to measure what is most important to you by pulling in key metrics, with the flexibility to segment by paid and organic content.

      • Integrations

        Integrate major social networks and Shopify/Refersion to access data across the entire commerce system. Track revenue, clicks, commissions and conversions.

      • Proprietary Data

        Incorporate advanced AI-driven metrics and proprietary technology to measure audience engagement data, sentiment analysis, and campaign performance forecasts.

      • Reporting

        Build custom dashboards that feature the details and data that matter most to you. Then set your campaign goals and design customized, shareable reports in minutes.

      One platform, for absolutely everything you need to manage your influencer marketing strategy.

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      Deepika Matiala
      Founder and CEO
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