Month: February 2016

A Look Into the 2016 #Oscars

There were 253.6k public posts tagged with #Oscars and over 50m likes and 987k comments, that’s more than any other awards show this year. While the Golden Globes is known for it’s less formal and fun vibe, the Oscars had 30% more posts and 2X the number of likes. Using Captiv8 Insights, we pulled some…

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3 Tips for Making an Awesome YouTube Intro

How do you put your signature swag on videos while still making sure your fans don’t get lost? We talked to some of our favorite YouTubers and crawled data across our platform to identify the KEY to making an awesome YouTube Intro… #1 – Keep it Short Might sound obvious, right? There’s a ton of…

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Who is Your Influencer Best Friend?

What makes you, YOU? A) You make everyone laugh and are on every invite list. No party would be the same without you and your dance moves. B) 6am workouts are a no-brainer and Soul Cycle is your second home. You are always looking for new ways to improve your health. C) You love music…

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Budweiser Wins on Social for Super Bowl 50

Digital Influencers Rival TV Engagement Across Exploding Social Platforms for Budweiser During Super Bowl 50 By: Krishna Subramanian, Co-Founder, Captiv8 Football fan or not, the Super Bowl engages one of the largest TV audiences globally. Viewership for live sporting events is not slowing down. People watch sports for the excitement…the adrenaline rush…the camaraderie…and they watch…

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6 Posts Taking a Dip Into #WorldNutellaDay

Today we celebrate the delicious spread that has made its way into the hearts of many. As a brand, it’s key to not only use social media to talk about your product but also connect with your fans in relatable ways…using trending celebrations like #WorldNutellaDay can be a good opportunity to do something fun. While the…

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Next-Level Vacation Ideas from Our Favorite Travelers

Happy hump day! What’s getting you through the week? We can’t help but do a little daydreaming about our next vacation after checking out adventures from some of our favorite travelers. These creators give you unprecedented access to hidden gems across the globe. Whether you are planning a trip or just daydreaming, take a look…

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