Advanced solutions

Advanced Influencer Marketing Solutions

You need innovative solutions that can evolve with your business. Scale campaigns and future-proof your influencer operations with advanced features that revolutionize what you do, and how you do it.


Solutions to Gather Unique, Verified and Actionable Data

Creator Surveys

Build your own creator network with custom survey ques tions for creators, and collect relevant data to personalize your partnerships.

RFP Portal

Help is just a click away. Create customized RFPs for review and approval, and centralize all communication so you can track support in one hub.


Solutions to Elevate Influencer Casting

  • 01. Influencer Velocity Index

    Personalized creator recommendatio ns, at scale. Access a ranked AI-generated list of creators, forecasting who will dr ive the greatest impact for your brand prioritized based on:

    • Brand Relevance

      Audience demographic alignment, audience and creator brand affinity, and affinity towards related brands and interests.

    • Contextual Relevance

      Creator and audience interests, and audience sentiment around creator posts.

    • Engagement

      Engagement rate on owned and sponsored content, estimated engagement rate based on defined brand interests.

    • Audience Quality

      Fraud, brand safety, audience sentiment towards creator, and quality of comments.

    • Audience Demographic Relevance

      Age, gender, ethnicity, and location.

  • 02. CRM Tools

    We use first-party data to identify individuals who are already championing your brand. Then, combining LiveRamp’s identity resolution technology with our AI/ML social data engine, we connect you with more than ten million influencers across our databa se. Activate advocates, optimize boosted content, and seamlessly drive business outc omes.


Solutions to Streamline Campaign and Creator Management

Account Hierarchy

Customize your account to organize, communicate and execute across multiple teams. Create sub-organizations to manage individualized workflows and set permissions to control collaborator access at varying levels.

White Labeling

Transform your workspace by white labeling your account to incorporate your brand’s visual identity and custom domain across talent lists, creative briefs, reports, surveys, email outreach, and more.


Solutions to Integrate, Analyze and Customize your Data


With pre-built integrations for Looker, Tableau, Google Analytics and more, you can access all of your influencer marketing data over a secure network-accessible service.

Captiv8 Pixel

Measure impact and ROI across channels with our proprietary pixel. Enable attribution by capturing sales and conversion metrics like shopping cart and checkout abandonment.