Month: March 2017

Increase Your Visibility On YouTube
Essential Tips to Increase Your Visibility On YouTube

YouTube is the second largest online search engine in the world. Millions of vloggers have joined the online platform in hopes to become the next Lily Singh or PewDiePie. But, only a very small percentage are able to generate thousands of views daily. Rather than focusing on creating the next viral hit of the week,…

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Influencer Spotlight: Andrew Bachelor (aka King Bach)

One of the more interesting influencer partnerships during this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament was Final Four-themed sponsorship by hamburger brand Wendy’s. While the company’s road-trip themed online campaign was interesting in its own right, it was also notable for the inclusion of one of social media’s biggest names: King Bach. Check it out as I go…

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Increase Sales Through Your Company's Instagram Account
Tools To Increase Sales Through Your Company’s Instagram Account

Instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement than any other social media platform. When done correctly, it can be an ideal visual advertising channel for your company. It can lead to a healthy stream of revenue and attract new customers. However, venturing into the world of Instagram can be daunting. Using these tools can help…

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Connect Organically with Your Audience
How To Connect Organically with Your Audience

Sponsored ads have become white static noise and often overlooked by many consumers.   Consumers don’t trust paid ads and avoid them like the plague. A quarter of Americans are currently using AdBlocker and turning to premium platforms like Spotify Premium to avoid ads. Even if they can’t avoid it, consumers are less likely to pay…

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L’Oreal’s YouTube Beauty Squad: Total Engagement & Social Reach

L’Oreal’s partnership with a group of five YouTube beauty “vloggers,” called the Beauty Squad, has earned the company plenty of social credibility with young consumers. But some of the vloggers in L’Oreal’s partnership, like Patricia Bright (pictured above) performed better than others. Beauty vlogging on YouTube is a big deal. Some sources suggest there are…

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Cost Effective Influencer Campaign
Cost Effective Methods To Test Your Influencer Driven Social Media Campaign

Diving into an influencer-driven social media campaign can be overwhelming. It can be overwhelming to identify the right influencer or strategy. Despite these challenges, testing your campaign remains to be the cornerstone of every successful marketing strategy.   Testing your influencer-driven campaign is important for a number of reasons. It allows you to evaluate whether…

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Influencer Driven Social Media Campaigns
8 Brilliant Influencer Driven Social Media Campaigns

  Brands are evolving. They are innovating their marketing campaigns and strategies. According to Adweek,  75% of brands  are turning to influencers driven advertising strategies. Influencers are a unique assets to many brands. They help leverage your brand’s awareness, build your audience, and improve your ROI. But, creating a successful campaign takes more time than…

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Revisiting the Celebrity- vs. Micro-Influencer Debate

How does the social media performance of celebrity influencers compare with “micro-influencers?” We examined some recent influencer efforts by Australia’s tourism board to understand the difference. Earlier this month, we took a closer look at the rise of so-called “micro-influencers.” Whereas a lot of the early focus of  influencer marketing campaigns was on big-name celebrities…

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How To Be An Influencer In College
College Students: How To Be An Influencer While You’re Still In College

Get Discovered By Brands Celebrities are not the only ones who can score lucrative sponsorship deals. Companies such as Sperry and Adidas are partnering up with college students to understand the inner workings of their peers. In return, students have received free swag.  While others have been flown around the world or given backstage VIP…

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4 Tips To Create Successful Product Reviews on Youtube

Product reviews are big business on YouTube. Not only are more brands partnering with YouTube creators to show off their latest wares, they can also be highly effective. One recent study found that more than 90% of millennials between the ages of 14-18 watch product reviews on YouTube. And product reviews aren’t just for cosmetics and…

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