Trends Begin on TikTok

But discovering, managing, amplifying and measuring them all begins here. Find and collaborate with creators, boost content, track impact and report on results – seamlessly with unparalleled access to data, insights and predictive analytics, right here.

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Easily Identify the Right TikTokers for You

With millions of creators, it might feel like you’re searching for a needle in a haystack of talent. As the first TikTok Creator Marketplace API partner, we built a solution with your most urgent needs in mind.

From enhanced creator access to first-party audience demographics, we combine unique insights, predictive analytics, customizable filters and AI-generated lists so you can discover TikTok creators that will engage your audience and increase performance.

Find Creators

How Primal Kitchen Increased Purchase Consideration on TikTok by 13%

Primal Kitchen is on a mission to inspire better-for-you eating. They used Captiv8’s first-party data access and TikTok Creator Marketplace API integration to discover foodie creators who were organically speaking to their audiences about keto and plant-based diets, and convenience cooking. Partnering with four creators, Primal Kitchen’s campaign generated more than 330k impressions with an engagement rate of 8.37%, a positivity sentiment of 74% and a 13% lift in purchase consideration.

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Control and Accelerate Your TikTok Activations

You’ve discovered the only platform that offers both first party insights and a unified workflow. Manage all of your branded content for TikTok, right here.

    • Activate for Performance

      Integrate Shopify/Refersion and turn TikTok into a performance channel with trackable, shoppable commerce. Access data across the entire commerce system in real-time to track and optimize overall performance and drive sales.

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    • Integrate with TikTok Shop

      Efficiently manage all aspects of your TikTok Shop presence in one place. Whether it's optimizing shop operations, strategizing with affiliates and creators, creating engaging shoppable content, or executing targeted paid media campaigns, our integration empowers you to drive maximum results and capitalize on TikTok's growing commerce opportunities.

    • Payments

      With a streamlined global payment system, you can manage and maintain visibility into every aspect of creator payments. Integrate with payment solutions, access campaign financing, and offer creators flexible pay options.

    • Content and Communication Workflow

      Message creators directly to manage and execute the details of your campaigns in one singular hub. From offers and activations to approvals and scheduling, simplify your workflow and scale your campaigns.


    Seamlessly Boost Content 
and Integrate Commerce

    Convert top performing content into revenue. We provide the only integration for TikTok Spark Ads and Shopify/Infersion, granting you a seamless experience for amplifying your content with paid media and commerce.

    Spark Ad Campaigns

    Launch paid TikTok campaigns directly from our platform in just a few clicks. Request and enter creator authorization codes to customize every variable for paid campaigns: establish audience parameters, define your objective and start boosting.

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    Measure Results

    Real-Time Metrics for
    Real-Time Results

    Until recently - really really recently, brands had to rely on screenshots in TikTok to keep track of data. Now, the TikTok Creator API is integrated across our proprietary reporting tools providing you complete access to verified campaign analytics so you can account for business impact.

    • 01. Access & Customize Key Metrics

      Measure both organic and paid content with data on key metrics, then easily build custom formulas to track what is most important to you.

    • 02. Enhanced TikTok Reporting

      Build dashboards that reflect your unique campaign objectives. Set your campaign goals and create simple, customizable reports.

    • 03. Campaign Forecasts

      Access unique historical data for each creator on particular campaigns, to forecast results and measure against your KPIs.

    One platform, for absolutely everything you need to manage your TikTok strategy.

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