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Creator Affiliate Marketing Suite

Leverage creators to drive commerce at scale with clear attribution in our complete, integrated affiliate marketing suite.



Creator recommendations result in more than just awareness. More than 50% of Gen Z and Millennial consumers have purchased a creator recommended product. Unlock greater revenue potential with a platform that enables performance-based influencer marketing.

Discover & Recruit Affiliates

Search our database of millions of vetted creators to find the ones who will drive conversions with your target audience. Make informed casting decisions with predictive analytics, first-party data, and historical performance.

Activate Affiliates At Scale

Save time and resources by seamlessly managing every step of your affiliate campaigns right here. Plan, execute, amplify and optimize in one platform.

  • Maximize Your Brand’s Impact With Storefronts

    Elevate brand authenticity, achieve measurable ROI, and drive increased sales with Storefronts, empowering creators to seamlessly recommend products, ensuring a distraction-free shopping experience.


  • Enhance Shoppability with Captiv8's TikTok Shop Partnership

    Unlock the power of creator-driven commerce with Captiv8's TikTok Shop Partnership. Streamline TikTok Shop setup and operations, creator sourcing, affiliate partnerships, livestreams, paid media, and more.

  • Integrate Commerce for 
Shoppable Content

    Integrate with Shopify, Refersion, and WooCommerce for seamless gifting and inventory management to simplify your workflow and build shoppable content for both Instagram and TikTok.

  • Track Referrals & Manage Discount Codes

    Create trackable, customized referral links and discount codes. Then, build a creator payment structure based on the performance metrics that are most important to you.

  • Schedule Posts and Amplify with Paid Media

    Run targeted campaigns across more than ten 
ad objectives in Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. 
Our custom content features recommend posts to boost, optimizing your paid media strategy to drive more conversions.

  • Budget & Track Commission Payments

    Distribute payments and commissions to creators easily through optimized budget tracking, simple approvals, and status updates.


    Janessa Mostaedi
    Influencer Marketing Specialist
    Primal Kitchen

    Measure Creator ROI & Sales

    Use data to strengthen your influencer marketing. Understand ROI through our proprietary tracking pixel and make insights-backed decisions around both creator re-engagement and future campaign strategies.

    • Real-time performance dashboard with actionable data points
    • Fraud detection to ensure conversions are real
    • Tracking of creator and platform sales to define conversions and attribution
    • Integration of social network and commerce data

    How Live Tinted Drove a Return of 221%

    Beauty brand Live Tinted discovered and activated micro and nano influencers using Captiv8, generating a 221% return on their investment and over 2,000 sales in three weeks. How did they do it?

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