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Influencer Marketing Trends that will Dominate Fall 2020

As the Fall season emerges, we will begin to see influencer content display a shift to reflect the new season. Previously, the focus during this season has been pre-holiday, fall fashion, and winter-related sponsored content. In 2020, we have seen trends reflect virtual, unfiltered content that provides a holistic view of both current events and social views. Fall of 2020 will provide intersectionality between seasonal norms and the much talked about ‘new norm’. Here are some of the top influencer marketing trends we are predicting for Fall.

Back to School Campaigns on TikTok

This year, back to school campaigns are largely going to be based on at-home learning, meaning huge opportunities for brands. Branded hashtag challenges on TikTok are becoming more commonplace and for good reason– 35% of users have participated in a hashtag challenge. There’s nothing that TikTok users love more than transitions/ before and after trends. Check out this example from Kroger that did it right.


which Kroger button are you in need of the most? ? i need all of them tbh ##ad ##TransformUrDorm

♬ original sound – miafinney

Hollister, American Eagle and Walmart are just a few of the brands to create back to school content via branded hashtag challenges on the app. This season, they’ll focus on positivity, tips for at-home learning and hacks. The best branded hashtag challenges will leverage influencers with the right audiences and catchy original songs with easily replicable challenges. Seeing as though 41% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24, brands have a huge opportunity for reaching those in high school and college via branded hashtag challenges. 

Gen Z Parodies

Whereas a trend amongst millennial content consumption has been perfectly orchestrated content, we are seeing a growing trend amongst Gen Z & Gen Alpha where content takes on an unfiltered approach.


home projects + nights in are my fave ?✨ 08.13.20 ##pocketsofpeace ##homeproject ##thrivemarketpartner ##thrivemarketswaps

♬ Worship Instrumental – Instrumental – Adrian Jonathan

how was ur day ??@rosaliemiles12

♬ Worship Instrumental – Instrumental – Adrian Jonathan

The classic pumpkin patch pictures and pumpkin spice recipes are going to look different this year now that Gen Z has taken the world by storm. Expect to see similar themes of fall indicators but parodied. Now that Gen Z commands nearly 40% of all consumer shopping, brands looking to engage the generation should be cognizant of these trends and leverage them with humorous influencers. For a truly successful partnership, brands should also look at the creators’ audience makeup to ensure that targeting is fine-tuned for the brand. With this and a stellar creator, there’s no way to go wrong. 

Voting Campaigns

It’s safe to say that 2020 has been politically charged and brands are no longer shying away from using their voices for good. This election year, 20 million Gen Z’ers will be eligible to vote and 75% said that voting was a duty. It’s evident that Gen Z’ers feel politically passionate and informed. For brands to stay in good standing with these eligible voters, it’s important to be socially aware and politically decided, as 68% of Gen Z’ers believe that brands should contribute to society and 83% of millennials want brands to be in alignment with their values. It’s important to note that if your brand’s campaign is centered on voting registration/ awareness to not make it about selling any product to avoid negative backlash. 

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