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Elevate Your CPG Marketing: Influencer Marketing Strategies for the 2023 Fall & Holiday Season [Download]

CPG Influencer Marketing

With Q4 of 2023 firmly underway, #pumpkinspice season is in full effect and consumers are loading up on snacks for NFL game days, Halloween, and family time. With the winter months looming, marketers face the challenge of not only introducing new products but also effectively engaging and converting consumers. With one out of every two members of Gen Z indicating that they have tried a new snack because of an influencer recommendation, this fall is a perfect time to tap into influencer marketing.

Inside the Report:

  • Generational Perspectives: Explore how different age demographics find inspiration for Halloween celebrations and product discovery.
  • Navigating Influencer Marketing Challenges: Learn effective strategies to stand out in the competitive landscape during the holiday season.
  • Best Practices for Engaging Seasonal Audiences: Gain insights into tentpole alignment, content diversity, limited editions, storytelling, and community building.
  • Success Stories: Explore real-world examples of brands that excelled in Halloween influencer marketing in 2022.

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