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Tell Me About Twitch

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If you’re fluent in social media, chances are you are aware of Twitch. If not, no need to fret – this blog post will provide an overview of the platform and why it’s great for Influencer Marketing.

What’s Twitch?

Twitch is a social platform where users can host their own live streams and can follow and watch other live video streams. Twitch originated as a gaming platform and quickly caught the attention of Amazon. Following an acquisition by Amazon worth $970 million, the platform went from gaming to expanding across various genres of content. As of 2019, some Twitch statistics include:

347 billion viewed minutes

4.1 million streamers/month

51,600 live channels on average

(Not too shabby, Twitch.)

Who Uses Twitch?

There are currently 3.5 million broadcasters who are actively using Twitch to stream live content. And though audience characteristics entirely depend on which broadcaster we are assessing, we can safely make the following assumptions: Twitch users enjoy video content and they enjoy interactive streams (such as gameplay or speedrunning).

A quick look at Captiv8’s platform provides us with a breakdown of Ninja’s audience, who has 14.47 million viewers on Twitch alone.  Ninja is one of the top streamers (if not #1) on Twitch. His audience is predominantly male (83%), between the ages of 25-34 (40.3%). For brands whose customer base fits this demographic, Ninja is a fantastic example of an Influencer to activate, although he recently moved his streaming to exclusively be on Microsoft’s Mixer.

What Kind of Content Is On Twitch?

Twitch is still largely dominated by gaming content however as the service hopes to expand, users can expect to see categories similar to the variety available on YouTube. The goal for the platform is to expand into industries such as entertainment, health, wellness, and food amongst others.

How Does Twitch and Influencer Marketing Work?

Twitch is yet another channel for brands to utilize to increase influencer marketing efforts. As YouTube Gaming closed up shop earlier this year, that allowed Twitch to take over as a predominant player in the space. The average users will view over 90 minutes of live video stream from their favorite streamer, which means that brands have a great chance of reaching them through influencer marketing. With Twitch influencers experiencing such success with capturing the attention of their audience, it’s no wonder that brands are flocking to incorporate the brand into their strategies!

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