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Influencer Spotlight: Photographers

Behind every great picture lives a great photographer. These Influencers are great both behind and in front of the camera and all four of them have something unique and different to share about photography. Whether you want the more technical side or the unbelievable travel shots, these Influencers have it all!

Peter McKinnon

Name: Peter McKinnon
Reach: 3.73M+
Location: Toronto, Canada
Best Known For: His incredibly impressive nature shots and his extreme love for coffee!


Rob Strok

Name: Rob Strok
Reach: 751.66K+
Location: Seattle, Washington
Best Known For: His beautiful scenic photography from his world travels!

Adam Bartoshesky (Captain Barto)

Name: Adam Bartoshesky
Reach: 327.13K+
Location: Los Angeles, California
Best Known For: His bright, on-trend and creative Instagram aesthetic & cool, California vibe!


T.J. Davidson

Name: T.J. Davidson
Reach: 95.39K+
Location: Richmond, Virginia
Best Known For: Sharing the more technical side of photography with his followers, featuring different gear, cameras and editing tools!

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