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Next-Level Vacation Ideas from Our Favorite Travelers

Happy hump day! What’s getting you through the week? We can’t help but do a little daydreaming about our next vacation after checking out adventures from some of our favorite travelers. These creators give you unprecedented access to hidden gems across the globe. Whether you are planning a trip or just daydreaming, take a look at some of our favorites…

YouTube creator JacksGap is not the type to sit on the beach all day, he is known for turning every trip into an adventure. What better place for an adventure than the island of Ibiza? 1 minute into his video, he literally “signs his life away”…don’t worry though, he successfully 4-wheels his way from one end to the other and caps it all off with the most breathtaking view.


Travel blogger Pei Ketron showed a different side to the bustling heart of Taiwan. Of course, you can’t visit Taipei without a trip to the food markets for stinky tofu and seeing Taipei 101 but consider exploring the path less traveled. It’s hard to believe this photo was taken less than 100 miles outside of the city center.

Not enough people get outside of Taipei to see this landscape.

A photo posted by Pei Ketron (@pketron) on


Faroe Islands
Yep, this place actually exists. Chris Burkard takes us to Tjørnuvík, the northernmost village on the Faroese island of Streymoy. Still not sure where this is? It is a self-governing archipelago, part of the Kingdom of Denmark, between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean. If you are outdoorsman, love to hike and enjoy seeing wildlife in its natural habitat…this should be on yur bucket list.


Book, beach and a cold beverage your thing? Tuulavintage shares her travels to the beautiful Maldives where it would be impossible to NOT relax. While the beauty isn’t surprising, experiencing a day through her eyes will make you feel like you’re there.


Milford Sound, New Zealand
Milford Sound is a very well known fiord in New Zealand and voted the world’s top tourism destination by TripAdvisor. If FunForLouis agrees, we are on board.  From aerial shots during touch-down to riding along with Louis in his kayak, you truly get the full picture of this amazing ‘hidden land’.

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