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Social Media Analysis: How Japan Airlines Successfully Targets a Global Audience Through Influencer Marketing

How Japan Airlines Successfully Targets a Global Audience Through Influencer Marketing

In recent weeks, Japan Airlines has emerged as a standout on social media, captivating a global audience. Recently surpassing the 200k follower milestone on TikTok and #JapanAirlines receiving over 147 million views worldwide on TikTok, the airline’s strategic alliance with influencers has been a pivotal force. Through this partnership, Japan Airlines has expanded their global reach, effectively reaching diverse audiences across continents. In this analysis, we delve into the brilliance behind Japan Airlines’ influencer marketing strategy, highlighting their ability to authentically connect with a global audience.

#JapanAirlines TikTok Insights

Embracing TikTok Trends: Japan Airlines’s Organic Engagement

Japan Airlines has seized the potential of TikTok trends, strategically embracing them to foster authentic connections with users. Through this savvy approach, they’ve gained followers, fans, and customers across the globe.

1. “What Song Are You Listening To” Challenge

Japan Airlines recently capitalized on the popular “What Song Are You Listening To” trend. By participating in this trend, @japanairlines_official stopped a flight attendant to ask what song she was listening to. The answer? First Love by Utada Hikaru.

The resulting video not only integrated the airline into a popular TikTok trend but also humanized the brand by spotlighting the personal interests of their staff. One viewer’s comment encapsulated the sentiment perfectly: “Nostalgia at its finest! This song was incredibly popular in Malaysia during the late 90s and 20s, and its popularity continues even today.” This remark hinted at the song’s historical and cultural significance, resonating with viewers who shared a connection with the music from that era. By taking a break from the usual travel content and showcasing the flight attendant’s music choice, Japan Airlines offered viewers a glimpse into the personalities behind the service.

@japanairlines_official 今何聴いてますか!? in 羽田空港周辺✈️ #whatsongareyoulisteningto #CA #japanairlines ♬ First Love – Utada Hikaru

2. Leveraging Viral Audio

Japan Airlines has ridden the viral audio waves on TikTok by crafting engaging content set to trending songs. Most recently, the brand crafted a video to “Lil Boo Thang” by Paul Russel. The airline’s choice to sync this catchy track with its video content demonstrated an understanding of TikTok’s trending audio culture.

This particular video featuring the “Lil Boo Thang” audio captured an impressive 64.3K likes. By embracing this viral audio trend, Japan Airlines effectively demonstrated their ability to resonate with the platform’s audience, highlighting their willingness to engage with trending content. This seamless integration into TikTok’s audio culture further solidified the airline’s presence and appeal within the digital space.

@japanairlines_official @tugboat_spenny #ceilingfanceo 😎🎶 #日本航空 #japanairlines #jal #pilot #pilotlife ♬ Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russell

Collaborating with Influencers: Tailoring Travel Experiences

By partnering with influencers, the airline has not only amplified its brand presence but also crafted tailored travel experiences that cater to diverse audiences. These collaborations stand as testaments to the airline’s commitment to engaging authentically with travelers. Let’s delve deeper into these influencer partnerships, where Japan Airlines weaves captivating stories that redefine travel experiences.

Connecting with Convenience: @cholejadetravels Showcases Japan Airlines’ Ticket Flexibility for American Travelers

Japan Airlines strategically partnered with @cholejadetravels, spotlighting the convenience of purchasing tickets using American Airlines points. This collaboration catered specifically to American travelers, showcasing the airline’s flexibility and adaptability in catering to diverse traveler preferences. By aligning with an influencer trusted by American audiences, Japan Airlines established relatable connections with a key demographic, emphasizing convenience and accessibility.

@chloejadetravels Japan airlines business class is known to be one of the best for people who love food. I was very excited to try the Kaiseki set, and I’m not sure why anybody would ever choose the western meal, because the Japanese meal looks so good. I only use 60,000 American Airlines points for each ticket and it’s an 11 hour flight so that felt worth it I definitely felt like the staff was extremely intensive and a lot of the product was really good. Even though it’s a pretty old plane, it was still seemingly refreshed. My only complaint is that there should be a door on each cabin because I was all in the business of the girl next to me. #j#japanairlinesj#jalbusinessclassb#businessclasstravelf#flyfirstclassp#pointsandmilest#travelhackingf#firstclassflight ♬ Ibiza – Jarico

Affordable Adventures: @hangrybynature Amplifies Japan Airlines’ Explorer Pass for Travelers

In another impactful collaboration, @hangrybynature highlighted the Japan Explorer Pass by Japan Airlines, emphasizing its affordability in exploring 30 cities. The video gained remarkable traction, amassing 575K views and 18.8K saves. This successful influencer-driven content demonstrated the substantial influence these collaborations hold in shaping traveler choices. By showcasing the pass’s benefits through an influencer’s lens, Japan Airlines effectively engaged a vast audience, showcasing the value and appeal of their offerings.

@hangrybynature A D | How did we not know about this sooner? ✈️ The Japan Explorer Pass by Japan Airlines is one of the most cost-effective ways to travel to 30 cities. If you’ve ever flown woth @JAPAN AIRLINES【公式】 you’ll know that the service is AH-MAZING, the planes are so nice inside, and on top of that, luggage is included, you get refreshments, some planes even have in-flight entertainment like the route we took from Tokyo to Sapporo. #japanthings #traveltips #travels #traveltheworld #japantravel #visitjapan #tokyo #sapporo #japantiktok ♬ original sound – hangrybynature

How Japan Airlines Uses Influencer Marketing to Reach a Diverse Audience Base

Japan Airlines strategically reaches diverse audience landscapes through influencer collaborations. While the airline holds a substantial audience in Japan, comprising 72.13% of the total audience, the airline has looked to broaden their global reach through influencer collaborations. Collaboration with influencer @hangrybynature shows a notable shift in the demographic landscape. @hangrybynature’s audience contrasts that of Japan Airlines, yielding an audience breakdown of 82.08% in the US, 5.66% in Australia, and 2.36% in the UK. This strategic pivot showcases the brand’s adaptability and the influencer’s power in diversifying the airline’s global reach.

@hangrybynature Audience Geo Split
@japanairlines Audience Geo Split

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