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10 Influencer Travel Campaigns to Fuel Your Summer Plans

10 Influencer Travel Campaigns to Fuel Your Summer Plans

As we head into summer, our feeds are buzzing with travel campaigns. In a season where brands aim to inspire wanderlust and adventure, we’ve dove into 10 influencer travel campaigns that have captured the essence of summer travel. Using the Captiv8 platform, we’ve analyzed the metrics behind each campaign, which are sorted below by total engagements. These campaigns have showcased a variety of creative strategies. From breathtaking destinations to unique collaborations, these standout examples provide valuable insights into the dynamic world of influencer marketing and its impact on seasonal trends.

Summer Camping Simplified: @the_adventureaddicts x Segway Power Station

18.28% Engagement Rate

In a summer travel collaboration, Zoe Peterson and Kelby Jecker, better known as @the_adventureaddicts, share their expert tips camping. With an engagement rate of 18.28%, the video amassed 38.3K likes and 528.3K views. This reflects their strong connection with followers who seek practical and adventurous travel solutions for the summer season. The Reel details how they optimize their car camping experiences with budget-friendly, simple setups perfect for warm weather getaways. Highlighting the Segway Power Station, Zoe and Kelby demonstrate its versatility in ensuring the comforts of home on the road. This collaboration showcases their expertise in adventure travel but also inspires viewers to embark on their own summer car camping adventures, equipped with the right gear to enhance their experience.

Taylor Ward x ghd Hair: Must-Have Tools and Travel Bags for Summer

1.39% Engagement Rate

In an eye-catching summer campaign, Taylor Ward collaborates with ghd hair to showcase their new Colour Crush collection. The post features Taylor flaunting stylish summer outfits and hairstyles inspired by the vibrant colors of the collection. The video ties in the excitement of summer travel with ghd’s new products. The colorful hair tools and travel bags are highlighted as perfect companions for any summer getaway, blending practicality with style. Taylor’s seamless integration of fashion and functionality emphasizes the aesthetic appeal of the Colour Crush collection while positioning the ghd hair tools as essential items for maintaining chic hairstyles on the go. This creative approach promotes the product and inspires viewers to think about their summer travel plans.

Exploring Budget-Friendly Getaways: @cheapholidayexpert Teams Up with Travel Supermarket

28% Engagement Rate

@cheapholidayexpert AD 🎲 Rolling for a trip in the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! 🏖 💾 Save this info for the future! Okay, last time I rolled for a holiday with @TravelSupermarket, a lot of you loved the idea but asked if I could find a deal for the school holidays and so… HERE WE GO! Choosing between the 5 cheapest all inclusive destinations for this summer 💰 And not only are we simply finding a deal, we’re going to go on it as well 💪 Remember, if you’re looking to go on holiday any time soon, you need to be checking TravelSupermarket that you’ve got the best deal possible as they’re a comparison website – basically, they do the hard work for ya. That, and you can also use it to book your travel insurance, car parking, fast track, airport lounge, hotel at the airport… Honestly, it really is a one stop shop for everything you could possibly need. OOH and they also have an amazing new feature – you now don’t have to know which destination you’re heading to, you can just enter ‘Any Destination’ instead. I LOVE IT 👏 Right – make sure you’re following because we go on this holiday very soon and we’ll be sharing all about it on here! 📣 LET ME KNOW… If you’ve been to Tunisia before and what exactly you’d like us to scope out whilst on our trip! #tunisia #packageholiday #schoolholidays #familyholiday ♬ original sound – Cheap Holiday Expert

In a unique collaboration, @cheapholidayexpert teamed up with Travel Supermarket for an exciting TikTok video. She uses a method of rolling ping pong balls to determine her summer travel plans. She narrows down her choices to the 5 cheapest all-inclusive destinations for the summer season. Throughout the video, she emphasizes TravelSupermarket as a reliable comparison website for securing the best deals on flights, travel insurance, and more. Followers are encouraged to contribute their insights on Tunisia, the winning destination. This approach not only promotes Travel Supermarket but also involves the audience in the excitement of planning an affordable getaway.

Unlock the Love Island Experience: Megan Bolton Teams Up with VIBE By Jet2holidays

.8% Engagement Rate

@meganhbolton AD | Come with me and @VIBE By Jet2holidays on a behind the scenes tour of the @Love Island Villa! VIBE by Jet2holidays is the official travel partner for the series for the 3rd year running and to celebrate The Summer of VIBE, they’re giving away 6 incredible getaways! @ITVX @itvoffical #Jet2vibe #LoveIsland #SummerOfVIBE #Jet2 ♬ original sound – meganhbolton

Megan Bolton teamed up with VIBE By Jet2holidays for an ad that offers viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of the Love Island Villa. Megan invites her audience to join her on this tour while highlighting VIBE’s ongoing partnership with Love Island and their giveaway of 6 incredible getaways. The video received 20.7K likes and an impressive 746.3K views, indicating significant interest from the audience. This promotional strategy not only showcases the destination but also creates a sense of urgency and excitement among the audience. The success of this collaboration indicates a strong resonance with Megan’s audience, demonstrating the effectiveness of leveraging popular destinations to drive engagement.

On-the-Go Glam: Holly Willoughby’s Summer Travel Makeup Bag with Beautypie

.2% Engagement Rate

Holly Willoughby’s collaboration with Beautypie unveils a curated grab-and-go Summer makeup bag, showcasing her involvement in product curation. The video highlights Holly’s excitement as she introduces the collection, emphasizing its convenience and travel-friendliness. The makeup bag includes essentials for lips, cheeks, lashes, and highlighting. The video garnered 15.8K likes and an impressive 701.2K views, indicating significant interest from the audience. Holly’s previous collaboration with Beautypie, which sold out, suggests a continued anticipation for her curated kits.

Traveling with Kids this Summer? @greeneclecticmama Promotes Wikki Stix

4.26% Engagement Rate

Alicia (@greeneclecticmama) partnered with Wikki Stix to offer parents a summer travel hack for keeping kids entertained. With an engagement rate of 4.26% and 13.3K likes, the ad effectively captures audience attention. Alicia introduces Wikki Stix as a portable, mess-free, and versatile solution for on-the-go entertainment, emphasizing their eco-friendly and non-toxic nature. By highlighting their suitability for various age groups and settings, including summer travel Alicia positions Wikki Stix as a must-have item for families. The strategy leverages the summer travel season, tapping into the need for convenient and engaging activities while on the road. 

Beauty Travel Essential: @thelipsticklesbians Review Summer Fridays’ Eye Serum

2.13% engagement rate

@thelipsticklesbians Ad✨👁️ Thanks @Summer Fridays for partnering with us to tell our beauty queens all about the new Jet Lag Overnight Eye Serum! If you know me, you know I LOVE my Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays, so when I heard that they were franchising it you could imagine my excitement. 😂 Packed with super-hydrating ingredients, this eye serum is a game-changer for tired eyes, offering nourishment and rejuvenation wherever your travels take you. Plus, it's firming and smoothing properties target those pesky fine lines. You can bet she's becoming a staple in my travel bag from now on. Huge thanks to Summer Fridays for keeping my in-air skincare game strong! Available @sephora ✈️ #summerfridays #jetlagmask #skincare ♬ original sound – The Lipstick Lesbians

Alexis and Christina (@thelipsticklesbians) partnered with Summer Fridays to introduce their audience to the new Jet Lag Overnight Eye Serum. With a 2.13% engagement rate, 15.6K likes, and 373.7K views, the ad gained significant attention on TikTok. The ad highlights the serum’s super-hydrating ingredients and its ability to nourish and rejuvenate tired eyes, perfect for travelers. By emphasizing its firming and smoothing properties targeting fine lines, Alexis positions the product as a summer travel essential.

Inclusive Travel: Catarina Rivera Explores Southern Utah’s Accessibility

81.09% Engagement rate

Catarina Rivera collaborated with @visitutah in an ad that showcases her road trip experience in Southern Utah. The post achieved an incredibly high engagement rate of 81.09%, with 25.5K likes and 11.8K views. Catarina emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in travel by highlighting her experience as a disabled traveler. Through activities like visiting the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, hiking, exploring local businesses, and enjoying diverse culinary options, Catarina paints a vivid picture of her trip. The ad not only promotes Southern Utah but also celebrates diversity and inclusion in travel.

Lydia Rose Bright Collaborates with Jet2Pics and Boots UK Offering Summer Travel Tips

1.03% engagement rate

Lydia Rose Bright collaborated with Jet2Pics and Boots UK in an influencer travel campaign aimed at delivering travel tips, advice, and product recommendations. Lydia highlights the benefits of signing up for the Boots Parenting Club. These include exclusive offers, discounts, and expert advice tailored to parents with children under 5. The ad effectively integrates product promotion with travel advice, including the mention of an upcoming competition for club members, adding an element of anticipation and engagement. 

Get Vacation Ready with Shein: Olga Ferrara’s Swimwear Picks

4.09% Engagement rate

Olga Ferrara collaborated with Shein in an ad promoting their swimsuit collection, achieving a 4.09% engagement rate with 12.6K likes. The ad effectively showcases Shein’s swimwear range, positioning it as ideal for vacations and sunny getaways. Olga emphasizes Shein’s diverse selection of swimwear suitable for every style and occasion, whether it’s beach outings or poolside lounging. The inclusion of a discount code adds value for her followers, incentivizing them to make a purchase. 

Stand Out This Summer with Influencer Travel Campaigns

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