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10 Amazon Influencers To Follow For Low-Cost Recommendations

Amazon Influencers

In recent years, the role of Amazon influencers has surged in popularity, reshaping how consumers discover and purchase products online. With the rise of social media and e-commerce, Amazon influencers now contribute to 37% of Amazon traffic. These influencers have become trusted voices, guiding their followers toward the best deals and discounts available on Amazon. Many shoppers now rely on these savvy content creators to uncover hidden gems, share honest reviews, and provide insider tips on scoring the latest bargains. Join us as we spotlight 10 influential Amazon influencers making waves in the online shopping community, helping you save money while discovering top-notch products.

Amazon Influencers Bridge The Gap Between Influencer Marketing And E-Commerce

The rise of Amazon influencers has been significantly propelled by the Amazon On-Site Commission Program, which allows these digital creators to earn commissions by recommending products directly on Amazon. This innovative program has bred a new wave of Amazon influencers who wield considerable influence over consumer buying decisions. In fact, according to a recent study, 71% of respondents said they were most likely to make a purchase on Amazon after seeing a product promoted by an influencer.As they build their platforms on social media, they simultaneously earn money from the commissions generated through their Amazon recommendations. For many, being an Amazon influencer has evolved into a lucrative side hustle, blending their passion for sharing product insights with the opportunity to monetize their online presence. This dual role enhances their credibility and drives substantial sales for brands, showcasing the powerful synergy between social media influence and e-commerce.

10 Amazon Influencers To Follow For Great Deals

1. Khrys Ferley

Instagram: 10.3K Followers
TikTok: 10.8K Followers

As part of Amazon’s On-Site Commission Program, Khrys Ferley preaches to her audience about the benefits of joining the program. Labeled as her side hustle, Khrys encourages and provides tips for anyone interested in joining and reviewing several products on Amazon. 


Trust me you are in the right place. I share ton of information on how to start an amazon side hustle, and always help people in the dms. I have dozen people already approved for the program but just watching my free videos. In addition I am finishing my guide giving you step by step informwtion on how to start and scale your amazon on site commission program. This guide is going to be a steal. Stay tuned🤎 #sidehustle2024 #bestsidehustles #amazonsidehustle #amazonreviews @Taras | Amazon Influencer

♬ clouds – JVKE

2. Sasha Fierce

Instagram: 130K Followers
TikTok: 89.9K Followers

Fashionista Sasha Fierce has an outfit for your every occasion and mood. With a special account dedicated to her Amazon finds, Sasha is able to direct her audience to the best deals and help them become fashion icons on a budget. Make sure to visit her Amazon Storefront for her monthly additions. 

3. Tiffany Allison

Instagram: 687K Followers
TikTok: 79.6K Followers

Tiffany Allison has you covered on all fronts with her Amazon recommendations. If you are looking for deals on everything from travel and fashion to home and comfort Tiffany finds it all. Make sure to check her stories for inspiration, giveaways, and secret deals.

4. Mikayla Vallati

Instagram: 264K Followers
TikTok: 405.1K Followers

Your personal Amazon stylist, better known as Mikayla Vallati is changing the fashion game on a budget. From the smallest of details like jewelry to the trendiest shirts, Mikayla keeps a lookout for everything. She uses her platform to guide her audience on achieving the best look at a low cost.

5. Daniella Santana

Instagram: 282K Followers
TikTok: 414.3K Followers

Daniella Santana or @passionista_soul, has in-depth reviews for all the products she buys. Her series “Amazon FTW” has been extremely successful for her audience to find products in all aspects of their life at reasonable prices. Keep an eye out for promotion codes, as Daniella often shares them with her audience! 


Rounding up my fave promo codes for 4/22. Tons more in my bio! Snag them before they are gone!! #promocodes #dailydeals #dealoftheday

♬ original sound – Danielle

6. Jallisa Queen

Instagram: 16K Followers
TikTok: 282 Followers

Jallisa Queen is making strides in the influencer marketing industry. As a micro-influencer, she has worked very hard for her work to be recognized and has found her niche in promoting Amazon products. Her live streams are full of reviews you do not want to miss.

7. Julie Lancia

Instagram: 466K Followers
TikTok: 31.2K Followers

If you are looking for practicality, comfort, and beauty on a budget in your home, Julie Lancia’s feed is for you. Julie keeps an eye out for all the Amazon Home essentials and provides her audience with extensive descriptions including her favorite aspects of the product.

8. Sarah Berg

Instagram: 62.9K Followers
TikTok: 146 Followers

Sarah Berg has all the fashion and beauty reviews with a side of humor on her feed. Besides sharing daily deals on her stories, she aims to make fashion affordable for everyone. From casual athletic wear to trendy summer dresses, Sarah has you covered.


POV: when you find the perfect Sherpa vest that can be dressed up or down. Comment link and I will message you the shopping info. Ways to shop: ✨ click links in stories ✨ my Amazon storefront ✨ Link in Bio ✨ DM me or comment for links @amazon @amazoninfluencerprogram @amazoninfluencer #amazon #vest #comfystyle #bestdeals #ootdstyle #ootdinspiration #affordablefashion #affordablestyle #styleinspo #styleinspiration #styleinfluencer #momfashionblogger

♬ Coordinate (Hey Mix Sped Up) – H3rizon

9. Jared Andersen

Instagram: 569K Followers
TikTok: 1.4M Followers

Jared Andersen has Amazon finds for every situation and occasion. From snow socks for your car wheels to the best leg massager, Jared finds all the cool gadgets everyone wants in their homes. Accompanied by funny commentary, Jared’s platform is great to refer to for your Amazon needs.

10. Hillary

Instagram: 1.4M Followers
TikTok:  147.1K Followers

If you are looking for a luxury home aesthetic at a low price, Hilary has all the necessary recommendations. Hilary shares all her home hacks along with her product reviews. From the smallest of details like coffee table centerpieces to setting up your home entryway, Hilary is a design expert.

Have Amazon Influencers Provided You With Discounts?

In conclusion, Amazon influencers have redefined the landscape of online shopping by combining the power of social media with strategic product recommendations. Their ability to influence buying decisions has made them invaluable to both consumers seeking trusted reviews and brands looking to reach engaged audiences. As Amazon influencers continue to grow their platforms and earn commissions through the Amazon On-Site Commission Program, their role in the e-commerce ecosystem becomes even more significant. By following these 10 influential Amazon influencers, you can stay ahead of the latest trends, discover must-have products, and enjoy a more personalized shopping experience. Are you a brand on Amazon looking for your products to be reviewed and recommended? Identify more creators to partner with by taking a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features today!

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