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Creator Spotlight: 10 Creators Who Have Built Successful Amazon Storefronts

Amazon Prime Day Influencer Marketing

As Amazon Prime Day approaches, it’s essential to keep a close eye on Amazon storefronts as you plan influencer marketing campaigns. These dedicated spaces within the Amazon marketplace can play a crucial role in maximizing your Prime Day experience. By understanding the Amazon Prime Day influencer marketing benefits and the potential they offer, you can make the most of this highly anticipated shopping event. Amazon storefronts provide sellers with a platform to showcase their products, attract customers with exclusive deals, and create engaging shopping experiences. Most consumers turn to content creators as inspiration for their purchases. Here are 10 creators who have mastered the art of promoting products through Amazon Affiliate Storefronts to draw inspiration. Consider partnering with these creators to boost Prime Day traffic and conversions.

Ashley Marquez

Ashley Marquez is a third-grade teacher and curriculum designer who uses her podcast and social media account to share motivational tips and tricks for other teachers who are struggling in the classroom. She uses her Amazon Storefront as a source of recommendations for efficient and trendy teaching and learning products.

Laura Fuentes

Founder and CEO of MOMables Laura Fuentes, has taken inspiration from her own lifestyle of being a mom of 3 and is aimed toward helping busy parents simplify the meals they make for their children with recipes, cookbooks, and time-saving tips. Her Amazon Storefront promotes products that have assisted her in staying organized and have eased the meal prep process.

What’s Up Moms

What’s Up Moms is the #1 parenting Youtube channel with 3.4+ million subscribers and over 60 million views per month! A group of moms have congregated to create fun and engaging content for other moms to enjoy. Their content ranges from mom hacks, recipes, child activities, budget tips, beauty hacks, Amazon recommendations, and even videos about their personal lives. Their Amazon Storefront includes products for their children, kitchens, and themselves.

Tbones Tech

Tbones Tech is a content creator who is extremely passionate about technology. His content revolves around making in-depth reviews, unboxing videos, and very thorough photography tutorials on Youtube. His Amazon Storefront features useful camera equipment, other tech-related deals, and even his personal favorite pairs of sunglasses.

Chelsey White

Chelsey White otherwise known as Chelsweets is known for her delicious dessert recipes. She found inspiration in her own kitchen and is set on the path of sharing the same joy with her audience. She creates desserts “that look just as good as they taste”. Her Amazon Storefront is filled with everything you will require to assist you in creating the perfect desserts.


Mako, or better known by her social media followers as Makoccino, is a watercolor artist, teacher, and author. Her content is a reflection of the tips and tricks she has learned throughout her artistic journey. She also offers courses and posts motivational coaching content on her Youtube channel and Instagram. Her Amazon Storefront features all the supplies she feels are necessary to create a wonderful painting.

Anca Andor

Anca Andor is a lifestyle blogger, who has made it her mission to find affordable items that serve a greater purpose. She is also known to find cheaper “dupes” of some of the most trendy items like the Stanley Tumbler. Her Amazon Storefront is an extensive list of every item that has added ease and beauty at the same time to her life.

Saara F

Saara F, or better known to her followers as Sareish is a home decor content creator. She has made it her mission to create content that proves as a dream come true for every maximalist in home decorating. Her knack for finding unique trendy house accessories has made her highly credible in this niche. Her Amazon Storefront is an oasis for every maximalist home decorator.

Kristin Johns

A YouTuber, thrifter, and baker, Kristin Johns is a relatable lifestyle content creator. Her content circulates her everyday life and experiences. From life updates, Q&As, hauls, and vlogs we get a glimpse into her every day. Her Amazon Storefront is a portrayal of all her favorite items she thinks everyone should give a chance.

Alix Earle

Alix Earle, a 22-year-old, most known for highly relatable content is a beauty and fashion lifestyle creator. Alix Earle’s secret to success is still unknown and often people ask what the “Alix Earle Playbook” is, but her authentic approach in her content, whether that is her “Get Ready With Me” videos, traveling vlogs, or honest conversations on her struggles has served her well making her a very influential figure within the beauty and fashion industry. Her Amazon Storefront features every product she believes has been helpful and trendy finds.


In conclusion, these 10 creators have cracked the code to successful Amazon Storefronts. Brands can use this as an opportunity to learn how to drive traffic to Amazon Storefronts and also present potential partnership opportunities to capitalize on Amazon Prime Day through influencer marketing. Interested in identifying more creators to partner with for Amazon Prime Day? Take a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features to find out more today! 

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