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Driving Growth: How Captiv8 Helped Ideal Living 2x Conversion Rates Within Their Affiliate Program

How Captiv8 Helped Ideal Living 2x Conversion Rates Within Their Affiliate Program

Ideal Living’s Challenge: Growing and Scaling their Affiliate Program

Ideal Living is a wellness-tech brand on a mission. With three major brands, AirDoctor, AquaTru, and AromaTru, the brand seeks to create effective and accessible solutions to protect health and wellbeing. The brand utilizes affiiliate marketing to help spread the word about their innovative products. Before integrating Captiv8 into their affiliate program, Ideal Living experienced an inefficient influencer recruitment process which was not scalable. Their team spent countless hours manually scouring platforms, evaluating potential partners based on audience engagement, content alignment, and brand fit. This process not only consumed valuable time but also limited their ability to scale their affiliate program effectively. Despite their efforts, they struggled to identify influencers who resonated authentically with their target audience.

Captiv8’s Platform Empowers Limitless Influencer Outreach for Ideal Living

Embracing Captiv8’s Creator Affiliate Suite marked a turning point for Ideal Living’s affiliate program. As a result of robust tools and features, including the ability to reach out to an unlimited number of creators per day, the Ideal Living team gained unprecedented insight and efficiency in influencer discovery and recruitment. Prior to Captiv8, they had worked with other influencer marketing platforms but found themselves navigating through limitations, such as restricted outreach quotas imposed by the platform.

Quote from Misty Angel, Ideal Living's Social Selling Manager: "Using Captiv8 has actually helped us save money. A previous platform that we were using, only allowed us to reach out to a certain number of affiliates per week. Once we capped out we would have to pay extra which was really difficult because we would be on a roll and then suddenly get cut off."

Captiv8’s powerful search and discovery tools allow Ideal Living to filter through hundreds of potential partners based on specific niches, engagement rates, and brand alignment effortlessly. As a result, this approach saved time and enabled them to identify influencers whose audience closely mirrored their target demographic.

One standout feature Ideal Living utilized extensively was Captiv8’s lookalike feature. By analyzing the demographics and interests of existing successful partners’ audiences, they could identify influencers whose follower base closely resembled their ideal customer profile. This data-driven approach streamlined the recruitment process and increased the likelihood of audience resonance and conversion. Instead of relying on guesswork, Ideal Living could make informed decisions based on tangible insights provided by Captiv8’s platform.

Building Trust with Data: Ideal Living Leverages Captiv8’s Brand Safety Score for Influencer Partnerships

As a family-centric brand focused on promoting health and well-being, it was crucial for Ideal Living to partner with influencers whose content reflected their values and messaging. Captiv8’s safe search functionality enabled Ideal Living to filter out influencers whose content didn’t align with their brand image, ensuring a consistent representation across all partnerships. As a result, this proactive approach not only safeguarded their brand reputation but also fostered trust and credibility among their audience.

Captiv8’s brand safety score is a measurement of how safe a creator’s audience and posts are in relation to a brand. The score is calculated for each influencer using a combination of risk analysis and artificial intelligence, evaluating factors such as adult content, unsafe behaviors, hate speech, political content, racism, and profanity. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that Ideal Living can confidently select influencers whose online presence aligns with their brand values and resonates positively with their target audience. 

The Impact: Doubling Conversion Rates and Diverse Partnerships

The integration of Captiv8 yielded remarkable results for Ideal Living’s affiliate program. With a streamlined recruitment process and targeted approach to influencer partnerships, they experienced a significant increase in conversion rates for affiliate partners. By leveraging Captiv8’s tools and features, Ideal Living was able to expand their affiliate network exponentially. From pet parents to mommy bloggers, Ideal Living’s affiliate program taps into a diverse array of influencers whose passion for wellness and technology resonated deeply with their audience.

Looking Ahead: A Partnership for Future Growth

As Ideal Living continues to grow and evolve, they remain committed to leveraging Captiv8’s platform for future growth. As a result of Captiv8’s constant innovation and responsive support, they are poised to continue making waves in the wellness-tech industry. By harnessing the power of influencer partnerships and data-driven insights, Ideal Living aims to further elevate their affiliate program and achieve their ambitious growth targets.

Quote from Jack Wayne, Ideal Living's Social Selling Coordinator: "I would recommend looking for a platform that is constantly innovating. You guys are constantly adding new features, helping make it easier to find the creators we're trying to work with, and we appreciate that. We've worked with other platforms in the past, and no one's been more responsive than Captiv8."
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