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Introducing Captiv8’s Affiliate Marketing Program, the Creator Collective

Captiv8 Affiliate Marketing Creator Collective

San Francisco, CA — November 15, 2022 – As social commerce continues to grow in popularity as an effective channel for marketers to drive conversions, ROI-driven channels like influencer-led affiliate marketing have quickly become a vital element within marketing strategies. Did you know that 41% of brands look to influencer partnerships to drive purchases? Furthermore, 84% have an influencer-centric affiliate marketing program already in place.

With this in mind, Captiv8 is streamlining and scaling these increasingly important influencer-led affiliate strategies through its own affiliate marketing program, the Creator Collective. Through the Creator Collective, Captiv8 is enabling performance-based partnerships with creators that reduce the risk for brands, diversify revenue for creators, and most importantly drive real growth for brands.

Features Included Within the Captiv8 Creator Collective:

  • Automated Recruitment
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Tracking Link Management
  • Full-Funnel Conversion Tracking
  • Commission Payments

Read the full press release here to find out more about Captiv8’s affiliate marketing program, the Creator Collective!

Additional Affiliate Marketing Resources:

Click here to learn more about the Captiv8 Affiliate Marketing Program! Interested in building an affiliate marketing program? Reach out to us today!

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