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Everything You Want to Know About Paid Media on Twitter

Twitter Ad Formats

Did you know that Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery? 79% of Twitter’s 186 million daily active users are seeking to discover what’s new. Not only are Twitter users looking to discover new things, one study found that the time spent viewing ads on Twitter was 26% longer than other leading platforms! Here’s what brands need to know about Twitter ad formats before taking advantage of paid media opportunities.

Twitter Ad Formats

When boosting on Twitter, your boosted ads will take the form of either “Promoted Ads” or “Follower Ads.”

Promoted Ads

Promoted Ads are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or spark engagement from their existing followers. They are just like regular Tweets and can be retweeted, replied to, liked, and more.All Promoted Ads are clearly labeled as “Promoted” when an advertiser is paying for their placement on Twitter.

Follower Ads

Follower Ads suggest Twitter accounts that people don’t currently follow and may find interesting. They help introduce a wider variety of accounts people may enjoy. Follower Ads are the result of creating a followers campaign – aimed at building an engaged audience to amplify your brand’s message.

How to Promote a Tweet

How to Promote a Tweet

Twitter ArtHouse

According to Nielsen, advertising creative is the top factor in driving sales. In order to help brands create Twitter first content that drives brand affinity and business impact, the platform launched Twitter ArtHouse to manage influencer campaigns and boosting through managed services. However, brands should note that launching an influencer marketing campaign through ArtHouse will cost a minimum of $150,000. As an alternative, brands can look to influencer marketing platforms to identify optimal influencer partnerships, strategize, and launch paid media.

Twitter ArtHouse

Twitter Ad Formats in Conclusion

In conclusion, Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery and brands should incorporate this into their paid media strategy. Interested in learning more about Twitter ad formats, launching influencer marketing campaigns, and more from industry experts? Reach out to us today!

Additionally, brands looking to launch a multi-channel paid media strategy can check out the Complete Guide to Paid Media Social Ad Formats for more info! Visit for additional information.


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