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The Taylor Swift Effect: Travis Kelce’s Social Media Engagement Soars

The Taylor Swift Effect: Travis Kelce's Social Media Engagement Soars

Taylor Swift made headlines by attending the Kansas City Chiefs’ week 3 game in Travis Kelce’s suite. This unexpected appearance sparked a frenzy on social media, with Swifties and sports enthusiasts alike speculating about the nature of their relationship. This phenomenon, now widely known as the “Taylor Swift Effect,” has had a profound impact on Travis Kelce’s social media engagement, propelling him to even greater popularity and recognition. 

With Taylor’s appearance in New York City for last night’s Week 4 game against the New York Jets, TV ratings and social media buzz have continued to surge. In the three days after Swift’s appearance at the September 24th game, ticketing platform Stubhub saw a 175% increase in sales for the Chiefs-Jets game—which is now the second-highest selling game of the NFL season. The total viewership for the game exceeded 27 million, making it the most-watched NFL broadcast since Super Bowl LVII.

According to data from Nielsen, the Taylor Swift Effect has extended beyond Week 3 as viewership among teen girls (ages 12-17) spiked from 53% above the season-to-date average for Sunday Night Football. Women aged 18-24, and 35+ also experienced viewership growth this weekend, up 24% and 34% respectively.

Engagement Metrics Skyrocket for both Kelce and Swift

Since Taylor Swift’s attendance during Week 3, Travis Kelce’s social media engagement has surged. Over the past 30 days, Kelce has been the subject of an astounding 36,000 posts on TikTok. Having 85,000 TikTok mentions in the United States overall, this month alone has accounted for 42.45% of overall mentions.

Travis Kelce TikTok Interest Over Time

During Week 3, Taylor Swift’s Instagram engagement reached its highest point in the past 30 days. Hashtags such as #traviskelce and #nfl played a significant role in driving this surge, receiving 2.27 million and 1.02 million engagements over the last two weeks. Swift’s association with Kelce not only captured the attention of audiences but also underscored the substantial influence both celebrities have in their respective fields.

Taylor Swift Instagram Engagement

Taylor Swift Top Hashtags

New Heights Podcast Surges to #1

As fans dip deeper into their relationship, the New Heights podcast, co-hosted by Travis and Jason Kelce, has also reaped the benefits of this encounter. Over the last 30 days, the hashtag #NewHeights was viewed over 37 M times on TikTok. On September 27th, interest peaked when a new episode featuring Travis discussing Taylor Swift’s appearance at the game was released. This episode garnered the highest number of streams for any episode in the podcast’s history.

New Heights TikTok Interest Over Time graph

In conclusion, the “Taylor Swift Effect” has left a mark on Travis Kelce’s social media presence. The unexpected appearance of Taylor Swift at the Chiefs’ game ignited a wildfire of speculation and excitement across social media platforms, leading to an unprecedented surge in engagement for both Kelce and Swift. The numbers speak for themselves, with TikTok mentions of Kelce skyrocketing and Swift’s Instagram engagement reaching new heights.

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