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Top Winners of 2020: E-commerce


With increasing emphasis on safety and contactless transactions, 2020 has witnessed a major shift in consumer behavior away from traditional in-person shopping experiences. As companies centered around e-commerce such as Amazon had the most to gain, with their stocks rising 95% from $1600 in March to $3500 as of now, the online shopping industry is definitely a winner of 2020. This not only applies to already established e-commerce firms but also brands who took the initiative to transform their traditional shops and adapted to an online format. These transformations can be shown through the explosion of social media advertisements using hashtags like #curbsidepickup and #onlineshopping which now has 13K  total posts and 399M engagements. 

E-commerce’s intrinsic link with social media and influencer marketing makes the two industry’s concurrent rise mutually beneficial. With faster customer conversions driven by platform updates that directly connect influencer ads to sales, many brands have sought to leverage the power of influencers to aid in their transformation to the digital age. Additionally is the immense possibility for user-generated content, whereby popularized sponsored content can convert to trends that lead to the organic promotion of the brand. These factors play into the rapid growth of social media platforms as well as the rise of more spreadable short-form content. 

Many brands have already started their efforts in activating influencers to promote their shifts to online shopping. Walmart, in their recently converted digital Black Friday sale, collaborated with TikTok musician @jvke and launched their #WalmartSyncAlong campaign. Taking advantage of the spreadability of musical trends on TikTok, the brand prompted users to make their own videos with soundtracks detailing Walmart Black Friday deals for a chance to win a $100 eGift Card. The hashtag has since blown up, reaching over 3.9B views. 


@walmart #WalmartSyncAlong To celebrate Black Friday, we’re giving away $100 Walmart gift cards. Lip sync my track for a chance to win! #Contest #Ad

♬ #WalmartSyncAlong – JVKE

Amazon Fashion took a similar approach with their holiday #PajamaJam campaign, using a wide range of TikTokers targeting all age groups, ethnicities, religious orientations, and sexualities. Leveraging yet another popular social media trend, creators like @charlidamelio were prompted to transform into their favorite Amazon Fashion pajama and strut or dance to the beat. Due to their wide mix of influencers, this campaign has reached a staggering 5.2B view count with more than 13.3K user-generated content using the same soundtrack.


it’s christmas season and u know what that means….holiday pjs!!@amazonfashion #pajamajam #founditonamazon #ad

♬ Pajama Jam (feat. Wiidope) – Amazon Fashion

As more and more are looking to join the new age of online shopping, brands must act quickly to take advantage of the recent rise in social media and influencer marketing. Want to see who else made our list of the top winners from this past year? Check out our recap of the Top Winners of 2020. If you’re interested in learning more about the power of social media e-commerce, influencer marketing services, and more from industry experts, visit for more info! 

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