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The Top #FathersDay Instagram Posts

Hopefully, your Father’s Day was filled with lots of so-bad-they’re-funny dad jokes, home cooked barbecue, and quality time with the big guy.

And, hopefully, you were able to capture some of those priceless moments on camera.

But, if you didn’t quite get those Instagrammable photos yesterday — we can show you who did.

Using Captiv8 to analyze the #FathersDay hashtag, we gathered some of the most engaging posts on Instagram. Here’s some of the top dad’s day content:

Father’s Day will always be a holiday celebrated in our house. Even though our children don’t have a Dad, it’s an important opportunity for us celebrate all the wonderful men in our lives. It’s also an opportunity for us to talk with them about their donor. 🧒🏼👧🏼👦🏻 Father’s Day will inevitably be a day where our children will be faced with questions; both from others, and within themselves💕 Our hope is that by fostering an open conversation with them about their donor, we can help strengthen their identity and also help them better answer questions that may arise. Frequently, when people ask about their donor, they refer to him as their “Dad.” It just comes out of their mouth naturally, and they don’t think twice. We always respectfully correct them by referring to him as their donor. To be clear, our donor is not our children’s father- he is an anonymous donor. He didn’t have the intention of fathering our children, but he did hope that with his help, a family would be able to bring children into the world. And for that, we will forever be grateful✨So for those that are curious, this is how these two mom’s celebrate Father’s Day. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #30daysofgay #donors #samesexfamilies . 📸: @malloryullman

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