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Celebrate Father’s Day with These 10 Must-Follow Dad Influencers

Dad influencers

As Father’s Day approaches, it’s the perfect time to celebrate the remarkable dad influencers who are making waves on social media. In recent years, dad influencers have become a powerful presence, sharing their unique perspectives on parenting, offering invaluable advice, and spreading joy through their heartfelt and often humorous content. With nearly 50% of parents referring to social media as a means of getting new parenting ideas, dad influencers do a great job of answering unanswered parenting questions. We are shining a spotlight on 10 incredible dad influencers who are redefining fatherhood in the digital age, showcasing their influence and contributions to the parenting community. 

Dad Influencers on Social Media

Dad influencers are using social media as a platform to share their parenting journeys, capturing everything from the small, precious moments like a baby’s funny noise to monumental milestones such as their child’s first steps. By documenting these experiences, dad influencers not only provide a window into their daily lives but also offer valuable insights and advice to fellow parents. Social media allows them to receive feedback and support, creating a two-way street of learning and growth. In fact, 74% of parents who use social media are getting support from their friends there.

Additionally, dad influencers are building strong communities by connecting with other dads who are in similar stages of parenthood. They also showcase how they balance their personal passions, like traveling, with their parenting responsibilities, often highlighting adventures that now include their children. This blend of personal narrative and practical advice makes dad influencers a vital resource and source of inspiration for modern parenting.

10 Dad Influencers To Follow

1. Devon

Instagram: 175K Followers
TikTok: 6198 Followers

As a co-parent to two sons, Devon finds his life full of adventure and shares his journey on social media. Being a travel enthusiast has played a role in Devon’s content, as a lot of his posts revolve around traveling with his sons and finding unbeatable deals along the way.

2. Andrew D East

Instagram: 1.2M Followers
TikTok: 332.4K Followers

Alongside being Shawn Johnson’s husband, Andrew D East is also a father of three. His platform is dedicated to capturing precious memories he experiences with his family. While he mostly produces wholesome content, his feed is often filled with comedic posts that many parents can relate to while raising their children. 

3. Ryan Turley

Instagram: 52.6K Followers
TikTok: 320.1K Followers

Ryan Turley understands the importance of making easy and non-time-consuming foods when being a parent. While his content mostly centers around his delicious recipes, he provides us with glimpses of what his life looks like balancing between being a chef and a dad to three children.


You’ll never be ready to become a Father, until you are one. ⬇️ more below ⬇️ Juliet and I waited until our mid-30’s to start having children. In my 20’s I never thought I would have kids, and once we got married I still didn’t feel ready. Nothing will prepare you for Fatherhood outside of actual experience. There is no user manual or playbook. But there are endless resources on how to provide a loving and nurturing home for your littles. I’m far from a perfect Father, but one area I’m really working on is Patience. I have a tendency to rush the process of getting through a task with my kids rather than enjoying the moment. Whether it be braiding Soleil’s hair, building rockets with Zane, or changing Zariah’s diaper… I’m more present now than before and focusing on slowing down, taking a breath and growing WITH my kiddos. Our children hear and see everything we do. It’s my goal to be a strong, male role model for all my kids… while also providing them a home where they always feel safe, protected, and loved. I still raise my voice at times and can be short tempered with my wife. But writing my intentions here will hold me accountable to always do better. The more quality time I can share with each child individually, will give them more confidence and a true feeling of self-worth. We are their whole world. Men, Fatherhood is a great responsibility. Mount Up. #fatherhood #parentingtips #dadsofinstagram #fatherof3 #familyfirst #familygoals

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4. Dads Who Try (Nate and Tommy)

Instagram: 786K Followers
TikTok: 1M Followers

Through podcast-style content creation fathers Nate and Tommy, better known as the @dadswhotry, go over several topics surrounding navigating life, friendship, and fatherhood. They cover topics such as learning disabilities in children, the impact of technology on children, and the role of familial traditions.


Come join us and pedal into a world of wonder with WOOM! Let your little adventurers conquer the streets in style and with smiles! From balance bikes to kids e-bikes, woom has got the wheels for every kiddo’s journey. Let’s roll! #Enjoytheride #Woompartner #Woombikes #Woombikesusa @woom bikes

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5. Isaac Rochell

Instagram: 280K Followers
TikTok: 2.1M Followers

Although better known as an NFL athlete, Isaac Rochell has reached a new chapter in life, fatherhood. Ever since the birth of his daughter, his content has pivoted from showcasing the life of a professional athlete to the everyday intricacies and adventures of being a father.

6. Dad V Girls

Instagram: 639K Followers
TikTok: 1.6M Followers

As a dad of 5 girls, @dadvgirls is a trained girl-dad veteran. His platform showcases his everyday life with his daughters and how his family has grown over time. Besides being a dad, he is also the founder of clothing brand Dès Vu and self-tanning brand Solskin. His wife Sarah Conder, and him also share more about their life in their podcast, Dad V Girls After Hours


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♬ original sound – Dad V Girls

7. Zeth

Instagram: 1.9M Followers
TikTok: 13M Followers

Zeth and his daughter Saylor, have captured the attention of their audience by sharing the hilarious conversations that take place between them. Saylor’s nonchalance and honesty have made for some extremely comedic content. The topics range from anywhere between fast food to what she thinks her future will look like.


Being healthy isnt easy 😂

♬ original sound – Zeth

8. Roland Pollard

Instagram: 1.2M Followers
TikTok: 7.4M Followers

Gymnast Roland Pollard’s content mainly focuses on him teaching his daughter to be a gymnast just like him. His content shows the at-home training he provides his daughter with to help her excel as a future gymnast. This content is often accompanied by parenting skills he hopes to imbibe in his audience. 

9. Josh Herbert

Instagram: 478K Followers
TikTok: 1.7M Followers

Josh Herbert shares with his audience the little moments with his family that make for a fulfilling life. Besides passing on his sassy personality to his daughter and showcasing examples of that, his latest content shows us the projects he has been working diligently on around the house. 


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10. Asa Maass

Instagram: 172K Followers
TikTok: 254.5K Followers

Asa Maass, better known as @fatheringautism takes his audience through his everyday life of being a father to a daughter on the spectrum. He hopes that showcasing his daughter’s growth and his journey navigating the challenges he has faced can help other dads in the same position. 

Harness The Power of Dad Influencers For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Dad influencers are redefining modern fatherhood by using social media to share their parenting journeys, offer advice, and build supportive communities. They capture both everyday joys and significant milestones, providing a relatable and inspiring perspective on raising children. By sharing content online, dad influencers demonstrate that fatherhood is not only about responsibility but also about creating lasting memories and adventures with their children.

As we celebrate these 10 remarkable dad influencers this Father’s Day, let’s acknowledge the positive impact they have on the parenting community and the valuable insights they bring to families everywhere. Are you a brand looking to create a Father’s Day marketing campaign? Unlock the full potential of influencer marketing and identify more creators to partner with by taking a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features. Find out more today!

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