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Influencers: Here’s How to Get Found By Brands

influencers found by brands

In the digital age of social media, regular people can become online celebrities. These individuals, also known as influencers, have gained powerful social media followings that are engaged and highly active. Although, as more and more influencers are entering the scene, it’s become harder to capture the attention of brands.

But hope is not lost. Social media tools such as Captiv8 Insights can help influencers like you stand out amongst the crowd. Here are some of our best practice tips to help you get discovered by brands.  

Establish Your Own Brand & Create an Audience to Match

You want to connect with a community that identifies with you. Follow brands that you are genuinely interested in and users that best align with your personal interests. We recommend working with data partners like Captiv8, to identify your niche market and help drive decisions. We go through a process to identify your follower’s key interests based on their demographics, locations, and keywords. This will help you develop content that is tailored specifically to your audience and retain engagement.

Use Data Analytics To Create Genuine, Authentic, Engaging Content

Data analytics not only give you insight on your follower’s habits but tell you when is the best time to post. Our insights will also tell you what filters resonate best with your audience and what hashtags are trending. It’s important to incorporate this information throughout your posts. Not only will it help you create engaging content but it will help you captiv8 your audience and stand out amongst the growing crowd of influencers.

Look at blogs and profiles within your niche community that are thriving. Develop similar content to engage your audience. Make sure that your content is aligned with your brand, relatable, and will drive engagement.

Incorporate Hashtags

Hashtags work like keywords, they help you be seen by new and unique users.  It’s important to stay on top of trending hashtags. Through Captiv8 Insights, you can also track hashtags that have the most reach or are the most effective in your niche community. This is a powerful tool to allow you to sort through actual traffic and find the most trending posts in your community real time.

Post Frequently

If you are an infrequent poster, chances are that your audience isn’t very engaged either. However, quality over quantity.

It’s important not to over-saturate your channel with too many promotional posts. A fan will be the first to call you out if they feel that your content isn’t authentic. We recommend using a consistent stream of high quality, original images that match your personal brand and image. This will make sure you are reaching the right audiences, engaging the right networks, and gaining trust among your followers

Build A Relationship With A Brand

Brands want to connect with their super fans. They want you to be a brand ambassador but only if you actually care about their product. Reach out and interact with them as much as possible. Like, comment, share their content. Create posts about their products and tag them. Do whatever it takes to let them know that you appreciate their product and are genuinely interested.

Twitter chats are great ways to connect. Let yourself shine and be seen throughout your social media platforms. Use Captiv8 Keyword Insights to stay on top of the conversation and allow them to discover your talents. It’ll only be a matter of time before they reach out to you.

Reach Outside of Your Network & Establish New Connections

Social media is all about connecting and building a community. Engage with more than just your followers. Reblog, share, like, and comment on topics related to your niche community and interests. Connect with other influencers in your niche market. They can help you connect with new and unique users that you might have missed.

Engage With Your Audience

It means nothing if your follower count is through the roof if they aren’t paying attention. Contrary to popular belief, a small but engaged following can be much more valuable than a larger, ambivalent audience.

Brands want to see that you are connecting to your networks and developing relationships with their target audience. They want to see that you are established, understand their audience, and can create content that is able to influence their purchasing decisions. It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the engagement.

Through using Captiv8 Insights, brands such as Listerine have personally connected with a number of influencers. Contact us today, we can help you become discovered.

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