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Influencer Activations: Elevating Your Memorial Day Marketing to Capitalize on Consumer Spending

Elevating Your Memorial Day Marketing to Capitalize on Consumer Spending

Memorial Day is a significant opportunity for brands to capitalize on consumer spending. As the unofficial kickoff to summer, Memorial Day prompts millions of Americans to engage in festivities, travel, and shopping sprees. For brand marketers, leveraging influencer marketing during this period can unlock immense potential to connect with consumers and drive sales. In this post, we’ll dive into strategies for maximizing Memorial Day marketing through influencer activations.

Understanding Memorial Day Consumer Behavior

Before diving into influencer strategies, it’s crucial to grasp consumer behavior trends surrounding Memorial Day. Three-quarters of U.S. consumers plan to celebrate Memorial Day, with popular activities including grilling/barbecuing (59% of celebrators), attending or hosting a party (43%), and cooking/baking (23%). Food tops the shopping list (83% plan to purchase), followed by alcoholic beverages (46%), non-alcoholic beverages (35%), party supplies (16%), and decorations (11%). While many will be celebrating at home, over 43.8 million Americans projected to travel during the holiday weekend. This surge in travel indicates not only increased consumer activity but also opportunities for brands to target travelers with relevant offerings. Whether consumers are planning backyard barbecues or embarking on road trips, understanding their preferences and purchase intentions is essential for brands looking to capitalize on Memorial Day spending.

Americans are poised to seize the opportunities presented by Memorial Day sales, with a staggering 82% aiming to save money during this holiday period. A significant portion, 54%, are planning to capitalize on the sales by purchasing discounted items, taking advantage of the markdowns offered by retailers across various product categories. Furthermore, 28% of consumers intend to make use of coupons more frequently, leveraging these discounts to maximize their savings even further.

TikTok Trends: Top Product Categories Surging in Popularity Prior to Memorial Day

To effectively tap into Memorial Day spending, brands must align their offerings with consumer preferences. Insights from platforms like TikTok Shop reveal product categories experiencing surges in popularity. We looked at ad creatives from April 13, 2024 to May 13, 2024 to identify the top product categories increasing in popularity on TikTok Shop.

How Influencers Can Help Elevate Your Memorial Day Marketing Promotions

Influencer marketing offers a powerful avenue for brands to engage with consumers during Memorial Day. By partnering with influencers whose audiences align with their target demographics, brands can amplify their message and increase brand awareness. Influencers can create authentic, compelling content showcasing how products enhance Memorial Day celebrations, driving interest and purchase intent among their followers. We’ll dive into three brand examples from last year, spanning across verticals, to illustrate how they successfully utilized influencer marketing strategies during Memorial Day.

Ahmad Alzahabi’s LG Partnership Cooks Up Memorable Memorial Day Moments

Last year, Ahmad Alzahabi (@thegoldenbalance) partnered with LG to showcase a recipe for air-fried honey garlic wings, perfectly timed for Memorial Day. With 31.23K likes and 499.83K views, the post seamlessly integrated LG’s air fryer into his receipe. With an engagement rate of 1.26% and 2.12K shares, Ahmad’s strategic promotion not only introduced followers to a new recipe but also enticed them to explore LG’s Memorial Day sale and take advantage of bundled savings. 

Memorial Day DIY Magic: Amber Vestal Teams Up with Lowe’s for Creative Home Solutions

Amber Vestal (@wifeonadime), a prominent creator specializing in DIYs and affordable home decor, collaborated with Lowe’s last year to highlight their Memorial Day sale. Her Instagram Reel unveiled a clever DIY solution to conceal pool pumps, floats, or grills. Highlighting her project’s accessibility, she noted that all materials used were sourced from Lowe’s, coinciding with their ongoing Memorial Day sale. The post resonated strongly with her audience, with 18.03K likes, 573.52K views, 4.56K shares, and an engagement rate of 11.53%. 

@fitdadceo and Mattress Firm Elevate Memorial Day Sleep-cation

@fitdadceo partnered with Mattress Firm to promote the idea that sometimes the best summer vacation is right in your own bed. Through an engaging Instagram Reel, he emphasized the concept of a “sleep-cation,” highlighting the comfort and relaxation that can be found in one’s own bedroom. With 12.15K likes, 168.88K views, and an engagement rate of 0.85%, the post effectively conveyed the message that with Mattress Firm’s Memorial Day Sale, everyone can kickstart their summer sleep-cation on their dream bed early. This collaboration not only taps into the Memorial Day travel frenzy in a unique way, but also positions Mattress Firm as the go-to destination for upgrading their sleep experience.

How Influencers Can Help Elevate Your Memorial Day Marketing Promotions

Influencers play a crucial role in elevating Memorial Day marketing promotions by tapping into consumer spending habits. With a whopping 82% of consumers seeking savings during this period, influencers can effectively promote coupon code promotions, driving immediate action among their engaged followers. Additionally, as food tops the Memorial Day shopping list, influencers can share meal prep tips and recipe ideas featuring products from partnering brands, inspiring their audience while seamlessly incorporating branded products into their content. Furthermore, influencers can provide DIY inspiration for decorations, empowering consumers to create memorable celebrations at home while staying within budget. With the assistance of Captiv8, brands can leverage influencers to connect with consumers authentically, driving engagement and sales during this significant shopping period. Interested in learning more? Take a platform tour today!

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