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Discounted and Desirable: Follow These 10 TikTok Shop Creators for Recommendations

TikTok Shop Creators

With the introduction of TikTok’s shopping feature, a new breed of influencers has arisen, carving out a niche as TikTok Shop creators. TikTok has emerged as a powerhouse platform where creators not only entertain but also curate compelling shopping experiences. These individuals leverage their platforms not only to showcase products but also to curate engaging content that resonates with their audience. These TikTok Shop Influencers seamlessly blend content creation with commerce, showcasing products from TikTok Shop and captivating audiences with authentic recommendations.

The sway these creators hold over their followers’ purchasing decisions is remarkable, shaping trends and preferences within the TikTok community. In fact, 69% of consumers trust what influencers say and recommend and 49% depend on influencers’ recommendations. Join us to explore the impact and significance these 10 TikTok Shop creators have in the realm of social commerce. 

The Emergence of #ShopTok:

Over the years, the hashtag #ShopTok has surged in popularity, becoming a staple among TikTok Shop creators seeking to seamlessly integrate product promotion into their content. With over 303M views, this hashtag assists users in navigating the vast array of shopping content on the platform, offering a direct link between creators and the products they endorse. Through #ShopTok, TikTok Shop creators showcase items ranging from fashion staples to innovative gadgets, providing their audience with curated shopping experiences right within the TikTok app. As this hashtag continues to gain traction, it underscores the evolving landscape of social commerce and the pivotal role TikTok Shop creators play in driving consumer engagement and sales.

Get Recommendations From These 10 TikTok Shop Creators:

1. Pragathi Guru

TikTok: 139K Followers

As a co-founder of Soma Ayurvedic, Pragathi has positioned herself as a Lifestyle influencer. She portrays her appreciation for different beauty products at a discounted price through her platform. You will find everything from everyday recommendations to simple “GRWMs” on her feed.

Replying to @Sinduja PradeepKumar i love these reviews 🥺🖤 #smellgood #perfume #perfumerecs #perfumereview #southasian

♬ original sound – Pragathi 🌼

2. Courtney Pellicane

TikTok: 327.7K Followers

As a mom, Courtney tries to fill her life with laughter and joy through her comedic videos but most importantly finds and recommends products that make the mom-life easier. She promotes an array of products including beauty products, home accessories, and kitchen necessities.


This all natural whipped face cream is a MUST!!! #skincare #facecream

♬ original sound – Courtney

3. Melissa Murdick

TikTok: 1.3M Followers

Melissa is a celebrity makeup artist and has transformed her platform into the hub for makeup tricks and tips. If you are looking for makeup products to give you an effortless look Melissa has all the recommendations you need. She prides herself on not being a gatekeeper and accompanies her recommendations with tutorials.


There is no magic wand when it comes to skin texture, but making skin look smoother and more even is absolutely possible #skincare #skinroutine #oilyskin #largepores #foundation#greenscreen

♬ original sound – Melissa Murdick

4. Chloe Mitchell

TikTok: 476K Followers

As a “mid-plus gal”, Chloe has positioned herself on social media as the resource for women struggling with the same issues. Chloe has you covered with recommendations surrounding fashion, skincare, and makeup. If you are looking for someone authentic and funny with recommendations to elevate your everyday Chloe’s feed is the place for you.


I actually love it! Need to get back into my pilates and yoga hehe! #tiktokshopmademebuyit

♬ original sound – Chloe Mitchell

5. Grace Alexandra

TikTok: 527K Followers

Grace lives a filter-less lifestyle and provides her audience with genuine recommendations she thinks will take someone’s everyday look to the next level. From her “GRWMs” to “Getting Unready With Me” videos Grace has recommendations for the start and end of your day.


Replying to @petrajanebode body glow life hack for no transfer when wearing a white outfit! Game changer <3

♬ original sound – Graces.faces_

6. Alyssa Lorraine

TikTok: 166.9K Followers

From skincare and nails to makeup products, Alyssa will help you with your next glow-up. With a passion for all things beauty, Alyssa has mastered looking for amazing products at affordable prices. She prides herself on having the best beauty product recommendations making her content highly authentic.

7. Brianna Merriweather

TikTok: 52.9K Followers

While Brianna is a nurse, she uses her platform to explore her passion for beauty and skincare. She uses TikTok Shop as a resource to find products that enhance her skincare and makeup routines. Brianna focuses on sharing her learnings of the products she got at a discounted price with her audience.

8. Nikki Jennings

TikTok: 133.3K Followers

Nikki shares her everyday life on her platform, from sharing her opinions on everyday trends and influencers to her own everyday experiences. Amongst the mix of her comedic videos, Nikki recommends the products that she believes everyone should utilize for an efficient lifestyle.


All hair credit has to go to the thermal brush. Im in love. I didnt even use product #wavytalk #thermalbrush #blowout #hairstyle

♬ Pretty girls here – Jaz

9. Lupe Torres

TikTok: 640.7K Followers

If you want to take your makeup routine to the next level Lupe’s feed is exactly where you need to be. With recommendations of the best products for the best prices accompanied by extensive tutorials Lupe’s mission is to provide her audience with the guidance they need.


Used . . @Alora Cosmetics date night palette @luxazapro black cream eyeshadow from Amazon Lashes from tiktokshop @Just4kira neala green contacts code: G.torres20 #eyeshadowtutorial #smokeyeye #beginnerfriendlymakeup #eyeshadowtutorials #makeuptutorial #makeuptutorials #eyeshadow

♬ original sound – Lupe Torres 💋

10. Isabel Bedoya

TikTok: 426.9K Followers

As a lifestyle influencer, Isabel’s feed encompasses everything from kitchen products to makeup. Her TikTok is your one-stop shop for reviews and recommendations you need to make your everyday efficient.


So affordable and cuts my kitchen time in half!!! 🙏🏼 check everything else that comes in it, sooo handy i hope you love the recipe 🖤 #fyp #parati

♬ original sound – itsisabelbedoya

Are You Convinced to Buy on TikTok Shop?:

In conclusion, these 10 TikTok Shop creators serve as your resource for all the recommendations you need to accelerate and elevate your everyday. As these creators leverage their platforms to showcase products and curate engaging content, they not only influence purchasing decisions but also redefine the shopping experience for millions of users worldwide. With the evolution of social commerce, one thing remains clear: TikTok Shop creators are at the forefront of this digital revolution, reshaping the way we shop, discover, and connect. Are you a brand on TikTok interested in identifying more creators to partner with for a potential campaign? Take a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features to find out more today!

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