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10 AAPI Creators To Follow Beyond AAPI Heritage Month

AAPI Creators

As May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’re thrilled to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry and immense contributions of Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals. AAPI Heritage Month, originally designated as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, commemorates the arrival of the first Japanese immigrants to the United States in May 1843, as well as the completion of the transcontinental railroad in May 1869, largely accomplished by Chinese immigrants. Now 23.5 million Asian Americans are living in the US, making up 7.1% of the US population. This month serves as a tribute to the generations of AAPI individuals who have enriched America’s history and culture and the AAPI creators that serve as pioneers in several industries. 

Through this blog post, we aim to highlight the innovative work of 10 AAPI creators across various industries on social media platforms. Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month not only honors the achievements and resilience of AAPI communities but also amplifies diverse voices and fosters inclusivity. Join us as we shine a spotlight on these trailblazers and their impactful contributions. 

AAPI Heritage Month On Social Media

AAPI Heritage Month on social media is a culmination of celebration, activism, and cultural pride. Many AAPI creators leverage their platforms to combat Asian hate and dismantle harmful stereotypes that have persisted for years. Through powerful storytelling, educational content, and advocacy initiatives, these influencers challenge negative rhetoric and foster conversations around unity and solidarity. 

Additionally, AAPI creators utilize this month to celebrate their racial identities and highlight the diverse experiences within their communities. From fashion and beauty to food and technology, these creators have carved out spaces for themselves across various niches, showcasing the richness and diversity of AAPI culture. As we navigate through this month of commemoration, it’s inspiring to witness the resilience and creativity of AAPI creators as they continue to shape and redefine the digital landscape. 

10 AAPI Creators To Follow on Social Media

1. Cherrie Lynn

Instagram: 209K Followers
TikTok: 107.6K Followers

Cherrie Lynn is your one-stop shop for travel, lifestyle, and skincare. She gives her audience an in-depth look into her life and shares her learnings from every experience. Whether it’s sharing her favorite spots in foreign countries, themed recipes, or just her local finds, Cherrie keeps her audience’s best interest in mind when recommending.  

2. Kirsten Titus

Instagram: 689K Followers
TikTok: 8.4M Followers

Famous for her hilarious exotic fruit reviews Kirsten Titus shifts her audience’s views of Hawaii from a tourist spot to a beautiful place to reside for the locals. She has built a platform by sharing her everyday authentic experiences. Whether through a GRWM video or a fruit/product review video Kirsten always finds a way to make her audience laugh. 


sorry for the noise my neighbor was powerwashing his roof

♬ original sound – Kirsten Titus

3. Nava Rose

Instagram: 439K Followers
TikTok: 5.7M Followers

Fashion icon Nava Rose exemplifies how one can achieve a chic runway look while still being sustainable. She has used her platform to bring awareness to sustainable fashion and provides her audience with ideas on how they can achieve this. From upcycling to thrift flip videos, Nava is a trailblazer for sustainable fashion.


trash princess is back to encourage everyone to rethink what is “waste” for a landfill and what can be repurposed 🌎🗑️ #diy #sustainablefashion #tiktokfashion

♬ original sound – thenavarose

4. Steve Chen

Instagram: 1.3M Followers
TikTok: 1.2M Followers

Steve Chen has used his platform to spread his wisdom on achieving financial success at a young age. Besides having a MasterClass dedicated to teaching beginners how to invest Steve often makes videos talking about the tips and tricks he learned along the way to becoming financially free. Whether it is saving, earning, or investing Steve covers it all.

5. Jessica Vu

Instagram: 831K Followers
TikTok: 467.3K Followers

If you are looking for a beauty/fashion influencer who gives you all the behind-the-scenes tricks look no further than Jessica Vu’s feed. Alongside the regular beauty product reviews, Jessica also answers questions her audience poses about her content’s editing process. Her authenticity has made her a trusted source for beauty products.

6. Hannah Che

Instagram: 130K Followers
TikTok: 378 Followers

Writer and talented chef Hannah Che uses her platform to create a bridge between veganism and authentic Chinese dishes. She has been able to share all her vegan Chinese recipes and the inspiration behind them through her social media accounts. Her book The Vegan Chinese Kitchen was even listed among the top 15 essential cookbooks by the New Yorker Magazine. 

7. David Suh

Instagram: 1.6M Followers
TikTok: 4.6M Followers

David Suh is known for his brilliant photography and for capturing a person’s true essence through a simple photograph. He has dedicated his platform to helping his audience find confidence when being photographed. David has empowered many by sharing tips and tricks on how to pose, set their cameras, and line up their shots. 


The Ultimate IGBF course now available in my bio! #phototips

♬ original sound – David Suh

8. Chelei Kameleonālani Kahalewai

Instagram: 116K Followers
TikTok: 689.3K Followers

Fitness influencer Chelei Kameleonālani Kahalewai uses her platform to share her fitness journey with her audience. Chelei’s fun-loving personality, which is showcased through her content, has attracted numerous followers to her accounts. Additionally, as a native Hawaiian Chelei often uses her platform to share the beauty of her island from a local’s perspective. 


Such a good launch event for So Good Active 🚀 I’m all about empowerment and strength through fitness, so I love supporting brands who have the same goals 💪🏼

♬ original sound – alohaitschelei

9. Promise Tamang

Instagram: 1M Followers
TikTok: 676.6K Followers

Promise Tamang better referred to as the “Human Chameleon” uses her platform to showcase her talents in using makeup to shapeshift. From famous movie characters like Moana and Maleficent to illusion-oriented looks, Promise can do it all. She also collaborated with Pixi Beauty to create a Shapeshifter Makeup Palette for her audience to achieve the same looks.  


Tried the Asoka trend , Hope its not too late. Tbh the hardest video to film and edit.. like I need a vacay 😮‍💨 #asoka #makeup #indianmakeup #asokamakeup #fyp #foryou #bollywood

♬ suara asli – Sita Suwarnadwipa – Sita Suwarnadwipa

10. Nabela Noor

Instagram: 2.5M Followers
TikTok: 7.6M Followers

Known for her “Pockets of Peace” videos that went viral during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nabela Noor aims to help her audience find positivity in the darkness. By sharing her own struggles with her audience like her pregnancy journey, Nabela has created a positive community online. While she started out as a beauty influencer, Nabela has been able to shift from just makeup videos to giving her audience a glimpse into her everyday life. 


some #pocketsofpeace from yesterday’s Eid festivities 🌙✨ Eid and Ramadan this year weren’t the same as our parents have been in Bangladesh, but we are so grateful for how much closer us 6 siblings became throughout this month. 🤍 #nabelanoorhome #asmr #popvlog #ramadan #eidmubarak #eid #bengali #bangladesh #lifestyle #dayinmylife #familytime #familyrecipe #dailyvlog #minivlog

♬ original sound – nabela

Celebrate The Contributions of AAPI Creators

In conclusion, AAPI Heritage Month on social media illuminates the incredible diversity and talent within the AAPI community, as showcased by the exemplary work of AAPI creators across platforms. From challenging injustices to celebrating cultural identities, these influencers play a pivotal role in shaping narratives and driving positive change. As we continue to honor AAPI Heritage Month and amplify the voices of AAPI creators, let us recognize and appreciate their invaluable contributions. Together, let’s celebrate the power and resilience of AAPI creators. If you are a brand interested in identifying more creators to partner with to support and uplift the AAPI community. Take a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features to find out more today!



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