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World Cup Ad Cost ROI: What is the Stronger Investment? Traditional Media or Influencer Marketing?

World Cup Ad Cost

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup quickly approaches, we analyzed social data to help measure the impact of the World Cup across social media. Given that the World Cup is such a monumental event, it is difficult to measure the once-in-four-year event’s global magnitude. Drawing comparisons to major sporting events like the Super Bowl, we have been able to analyze the importance of this event. Download the full 2022 FIFA World Cup Ad Cost Performance Report to unlock the full insights today!

Influencer Marketing vs Traditional Media Viewership

One eye-catching trend that brands are noticing when weighing traditional commercial advertising vs influencer marketing is the decline in television viewership. Since 2016, pay-TV subscriptions have fallen by 10.2 million for a 12% decline. While fewer viewers are watching television, more people are on social media than ever before! Not only is influencer marketing the best way to reach potential consumers, but it also provides the ability to target specific audiences and demographics. Instead of going the route of commercial advertising and hoping to reach your target consumer, you can actually leverage an influencer marketing platform to identify which influencers already reach your target audience.

Examples of Brands Who Have Launched World Cup Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

Kia’s #PassTheBall Sweepstakes and #OneStepCloser

In order to drive engagements, Kia launched both the #PassTheBall Sweepstakes and #OneStepCloser campaigns. Kia activated many creators to help spread awareness and bring these campaigns to life including Kaila Novak, Crystal Dunn, Heather O’Reilly, Mo Ali, Josh Horton, Dave Copeland-Smith, Cait Schrepfer, and Kristie Mewis! The premise of the #PassTheBall was to get fans engaging with Kia by remixing Kia’s reel for the chance to win tickets to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The #OneStepCloser campaign would allow one lucky winner between the ages of 12-14 years old to be an official match ball carrier for the USA vs Wales match. Although this campaign also focused on driving engagements, #OneStepCloser focused on storytelling as fans submitted videos sharing how attending the World Cup would bring them #OneStepCloser to achieving their dreams.

Kia World Cup Influencer Marketing Campaign

Hyundai’s Goal of the Century

With the goal of changing the world for future generations, Hyundai partnered with the global superstar group, BTS. Leaning into Hyundai’s electric vehicles as a step towards a sustainable future, BTS joined to raise their voices and share the message of “a united world for sustainability.” BTS created a special song “Yet to Come” for the campaign. Accompanying the song was a TikTok challenge created by Hyundai to drive engagement and fan participation.


In conclusion, Kia and Hyundai are just two examples of brands that have already launched influencer marketing campaigns to capitalize on the excitement of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Interested in learning the in-depth benefits of launching influencer marketing campaigns surrounding major sporting events? Download the full 2022 FIFA World Cup Ad Cost Performance Report to unlock the full insights today! Or reach out to us today!

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