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Top Guidelines for Brands to Improve Their LinkedIn Influencer Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn Strategy

Looking to grow your brand presence on LinkedIn but don’t know where to start? Follow our best practices to generate successful campaigns and amplify your LinkedIn strategy. 

Share Your Brand’s Ideals

With the LinkedIn community being highly collaborative and discussion-based, there is really high potential for brands to engage with their audiences. Finding insightful topics to share or asking the right thought-provoking questions will certainly drive up activity in the comment sections as most members of the LinkedIn community are here to share their ideas. Brands can also leverage the Newsletter tool to keep audiences subscribed to posts or other content that they would like to see. The high regularity of content can help brands solidify their identity among their audiences and build up loyalty within their subscribers. 

Utilize Short-Form Content

With the rise of short-form social media content throughout 2020 and this past year, brands can leverage the LinkedIn Stories feature to generate more fast-paced content to target the younger generation on the platform. This is a highly engaged demographic of individuals who are recently entering the workforce and ready for business. Leverage the current trends of rapid information distribution and curate content that is both informative and fast-paced! 

Cater to the Professional Mindset 

What sets LinkedIn apart from other social media platforms is the goals and motivations of the audience within the community. While many may scroll through TikTok or Instagram in their downtime to relax, LinkedIn is usually a place where people go to learn something new. Brands should leverage the inquisitive nature and professional mindset of the LinkedIn community to create content that can be more packed with information. While interesting titles and engaging language will still be helpful, there is less of a need to ‘hide the vegetables’ and mask the information with entertainment. This can be a true advantage for brands looking to send more holistic messages out into the world. 


With LinkedIn shifting its platform to support the sharing of ideas, there are great opportunities for brands to market and reposition themselves throughout the community. If you enjoyed part 5 of our 5 part series on LinkedIn Influencer Marketing, make sure to check out our previous posts regarding Influencer Marketing on LinkedIn. Interested in learning more about LinkedIn strategy? Reach out to us today! 



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