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4 Takeaways From Create and Cultivate San Francisco Conference

Amongst millennial pink and Instagrammable walls lies a conference full of impact and advice. Described by CEO Jacyln Johnson, Create & Cultivate Conference aims to inspire, educate, and enlighten women about entrepreneurship, advancing your career, growing your brand, female financial literacy, and content and social media marketing. 

With this ethos in place, the conference has gained global traction with CEOs, investors, influencers, and celebrities. At the San Francisco conference, which took place last weekend, SVN West filled up with attendees eager to learn more about how to become business owners and content creators. Here are four takeaways from Create & Cultivate Conference

Authenticity is key
Within every panel the emphasis on being your authentic self and bringing your whole self to your venture was apparent. It makes sense too as influencer culture is shifting from the perfectly curated to the real. That’s why influencers and entrepreneurs like Deepica Mutyala who was on the Mastercard panel have gained popularity through showing the good and bad within entrepreneurship on their social channels. No longer are FaceTune selfies the norm, but being real wins within the 2019 business world. 

Beauty brands need to think clean
Obviously, a conference focused on the next generation of entrepreneurs would also have a strong emphasis on beauty and skincare. Blogs and Instagram feeds are filled with content addressing these issues. Thus, it was the perfect place for Giuliana Rancic to share her skincare venture, “Researching what I put on my skin, it was scary what I was finding, so I started making my own concoctions at home. Then this idea came up to create a clean skincare line that was high performance. Clean, high performance at an attainable price range. Beginning with my need then turning it into a passion.” 

Listen to your community 
Building a brand in 2019 whether you’re an influencer starting your own venture or part of a huge company is all about community. Now more than ever, community has input into product direction and company growth. It’s perfect that the conference links panelists with attendees with mentor hours. Not only can attendees learn from the experts, but they can connect with community and hear feedback. 

Find your niche and run with it 
The best part of the conference is that following your passion permeates throughout. Photographer Gray Malin, who has partnered with such brands as Swell and Away, shared how he found his passion in photography and found his specific niche taking photos from helicopters to own his aesthetic and work with large brands. He knew he was onto something cool and bet big on it! 

The more that brands, influencers, and community come together in the spirit of female entrepreneurship and provide advice and inspiration, the more that there will be a change in the world. 

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