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2019 Top Trends (and stats!) in Influencer Marketing

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As new trends constantly emerge in the social media space, Captiv8 works to produce high-quality content that is both relevant and interesting to audiences. So with that, we decided to conduct a study to analyze new and emerging trends in Influencer Marketing. The results of this study were found by pulling a sample set of data consisting of 50 Instagram images with the hashtag, #ad and analyzing patterns in the content, creative concepts + talent. Here are some key findings:

  • Trends in Photos: Vertical, portrait style photos perform the best when it comes to sponsored #ads
Total # of Landscape vs. Portrait Photos
  • Trends in Brands: The fashion / clothing industry is a leader when it comes to brands in the digital marketing, sponsored content world.
Sponsored Content by Industry
  • Trends in Creative: Although natural integration of product performs very well + is also very common, product placement is still leading in the most frequently used creative treatment for sponsored content.
Creative Content Type: Product Placement and Natural Integration
  • Trends in Talent: Traditional Digital Influencers who don’t fall into a niche category tend to receive the most + highest engagements with their sponsored content.
Influencer Category/Niche
  • Trends in Talent: Female talent produced + posted more than 5 times of all sponsored content out there featuring #ad in their caption. (*based off of this set of data.)
Total # of content, broken down by gender of Influencer

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