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Micro-Influencers vs Social Influencers: Who Is Better For Your Brand?

People are tired of ads. Many have turned to online streaming to escape commercials, and the use of browser extensions like AdBlock to keep ads from appearing on web pages. But social media influencers are the new publishers. They can help you spread the message of your brand – without it feeling like an ad at all.

Sponsoring an influencer’s post means you’ll get a post that will focus on you that fits in seamlessly with their usual content. But not all influencers will have the same effect. What kind of influence do you need for your brand? Turns out, it’s not just about the numbers.


Micro-Influencer, Social Influencers, or Celebrity Influencer?

An influencer will have at least some kind of fan following across more than one social media platform. The size of that following can range from hundreds to millions.

Social influencers have taken off. Some names have even become practically ubiquitous. Vloggers like Lilly Singh (also known by her YouTube handle Superwoman) and Rhett and Link, have millions of subscribers. Their reach and global status have made them some of the most influential people on the planet. Even top influencers, still widely known, haven’t been able to break through the million mark.

Compared to social influencers and celebrities, micro-influencers have less than 100k followers or subscribers. Despite their follower count, their fanbase is loyal, passionate, and engaged. You might even be following a few micro-influencer accounts on Instagram right now. They often have a very niche following, focusing on real consumers, the underappreciated or underserved portions of the market.


Why Skip the Celebrities?

While it would be easy to assume that more followers would mean higher reach, that doesn’t prove to be the case. According to a study released last year, the larger the following an influencer has, the less likable their followers found them. And it makes sense.

Just because someone has a large following, doesn’t mean that each of those followers will care about what they stand for. Micro-influencers end up in a sweet spot of having not only a following but a loyal one. They make it easier to convert more of their followers to your brand.

Being niche plays to your advantage. According to research by Experticity, 82% of their fans are likely to act on their suggestions. Because of the nature of niche market segments, these fans are more likely to share the same values and beliefs of the micro-influencer. If these fans know that these influencers care about the same things as them, then will trust their opinions.

These micro-influencers also don’t come with the same hefty price tag as a celebrity or top producer would. Compared to social and celebrity influencers who can charge thousands of dollars for a single sponsored post, micro-influencers don’t typically go over three figures.

There’s a reason why they have a strong loyal following, you can trust them. Micro-influencers are humble and truly value your partnership. They also won’t charge as much and will go above and beyond to represent your brand.

Micro-influencers prefer to stay true to what they believe. And that’s one of the most important things to their audience. They don’t want to produce content that they don’t believe. But if they believe in your brand, they will sell it the way only a true fan can.


How To Find the Micro-Influencers for You

Finding the right micro-influencer can be tough work. You need to make sure that they mesh well with your message, and that their audience will care about what you stand for. An easy way to do that is through using Captiv8. Our Insights software will not only provide you with an in-depth report of your campaigns but will also allow you to better understand where your brand stands. Browse through our Influencer Spotlights and contact us today. We’ll help you connect with the best micro-influencers who will match your brand and give you the results you want to see.


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