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2020 Presidential Race: Social Election Report

2020 presidential race social data report

2016 changed the way social media was used by presidential candidates showing the true magnitude of social as a channel in a presidential race. In a way that was unorthodox, presidential race candidates began using their social channels as an extension of their voice on the campaign trail.

As the 2020 campaign proved to be a significant event in all aspects, the presidential race was a much-talked about event across social media. To showcase relevant data for the presidential race, we’ve put together a social data report which shares snapshots of how the candidates stack up against one another. To learn more, download here.

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2020 proved to be a transformational year across industries, and social media and influencer marketing quickly adapted accordingly. Drastic changes in lifestyle and values due to events such as the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic and response and with tense moments of racial division and a much-talked about election year, called for a shift in the landscape. As we take a look back at 2020, these are the trends that defined what resonated in influencer marketing.

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