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Last year Captiv8 began tracking creator activity on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, two of today’s most popular social platforms for consumers and marketers.

Based on a study we conducted in Q3 of last year, Snapchat’s initiative to engage with creators seemed to start paying off as daily platform usage by Top Creators increased by 23%. This move helped Snap bounce back from poor content engagement among creators in Q2.

In our Q4 study, first seen on Bloomberg, the gap in Snapchat’s usage reverted back. Top Creators were posting more content on Instagram, although Traditional Celebrities continued to favor Snapchat.

Our latest Q1 2018 report shows that for the first time in one year:

  • Traditional Celebrities posted more on Instagram Stories than Snapchat
  • Creators across all categories created more content on Instagram than on Snapchat


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