Brand studies are one of the ways to see how effective your marketing campaigns are. Through metrics including lift, awareness, favorability or possible conversions, a brand study can be one of the most effective ways to measure the success of your campaigns.

There are four categories that can be measured: Purchase Intent, Brand Awareness, Competitive Favorability and Ad Recall.

  • Purchase Intent: how likely a consumer is willing to buy one brand over another
  • Brand Awareness: how aware a consumer is about a brand
  • Competitive Favorability: if a consumer favors one brand over another
  • Ad Recall: the percentage of consumers who remember one brand’s ads

The brand study is comprised of a control group which is launched to specific targeting for the campaign, before the campaign launches, and an exposed group, which is targeted to the same audience however, is used after the campaign has launched. The methodology behind the brand study is to compare the initial responses of intent, awareness, favorability, or recall and see if there has been a considerable lift in any of these categories due to the influencer content.

In a brand study, there may be a mix of questions that test any one of these factors. As the results are compared to the control group, a brand may see that their campaign helped boost awareness and favorability however the purchase intent remained neutral. The brand study helps dial into key consumer behaviors that help dictate the brand’s continued success.

As you look to run an influencer campaign, consider adding a brand study to your influencer package to see the effectiveness and growth of your brand because of your influencer campaign. Reach out to the team to chat about your upcoming campaigns!