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Three Predictions for 2018

2017’s social media and influencer landscape has seen plenty of change. Between the ongoing battle for users and advertisers with Snapchat against Instagram, the controversy surrounding Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner ad or numerous new platform changes and feature rollouts, there’s been lots of news for marketers. But what will 2018 have in store for the world of social content, influencer campaigns and marketing? Here are our predictions for 2018.

  1. Blockchain will disrupt the branded content space: the “blockchain,” a concept that refers to an encrypted, continuously updated and publicly verified shared database, has significant potential in the social content creation space. For one, it will make it easier for creators around the globe to easily collaborate with brands and verify their identity, removing friction. In addition, blockchain will usher in a new era of price transparency, allowing all creators and their marketing partners to establish fair, consistent rates for campaigns. Last but not least, blockchain will also help put creative control back in the hands of creators, empowering them to move beyond the “walled garden” social platforms where they currently reside.
  2. Verified measurement on social becomes mandatory: 2017 was the year transparency and measurement became a big part of the social media content debate. In addition to more scrutiny from regulators, marketers started asking for better data to help make more informed decisions about the performance of influencer-driven campaigns. In 2018, expect these early efforts to become much more widespread as agencies, creators and social platforms move to ensure verifiable measurement standards for campaign performance.
  3. Augmented reality enters the social discussion: 2017 was a big year for augmented reality, with Apple announcing deep support for ARKit, its AR technology that’s now integrated into its most recent iOS 11 software update. While deployment of AR right now is mostly limited to select apps, usage could soar if social players like Instagram or Snapchat implement an AR feature into their apps. That’s not to mention all kinds of potential users for creators and marketers. Imagine a sponsored lens that lets social users take a selfie with their favorite creator or celebrity? In addition, brands may even be able to use the technology to literally “project” their offerings into consumers’ homes, opening up lots of new social content ideas.

It can be hard to predict the future. But based on what the experts here at Captiv8 are investigating in the world of social, content creation and high tech, we have some hints at what 2018 may hold for marketers. Want to brainstorm some ways to stay on the cutting edge? Get in touch with our team today.


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