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Brands Take On the Golden Globes

Awards season is upon us! The 73rd Golden Globe Awards brought together the who’s who in Hollywood to honor the best performances of the year. While viewership was down 4% this  year (18.5M viewers), we saw a significant spike in not only the amount of content posted but also engagement across Instagram.

When analyzing #goldenglobes, over 75k posts generated more than 21.3M likes and comments in the past 24hrs. Content is up 146% and engagement up 99% from last year.

Posts Mentioning #GoldenGlobes 2016

Posts Mentioning #GoldenGlobes 2015

How did brands take advantage of this growth? Using our analytics platform, Insights, we identified some of the top campaigns of the evening. Loreal, Dunkin Donuts and almonds took to social platforms and influential accounts to engage with their audience.

Loreal – #WorthSaying

Loreal took advantage of one of the most talked about beauty events by launching a user generated campaign on twitter, #worthsaying, to empower women. Their slogan “you don’t have to be on the red carpet to be in the conversation” generated millions of posts on twitter and inspired many. Big time celebrities Josh Peck, JLo, Blake Lively and Karlie Kloss were among those that shared the campaign with their followers.

Dunkin Donuts – Fuel for the Night 

The delicious donut and coffee chain partnered with a handful of influential accounts to share how they fuel up for the night with Dunkin Donuts. The brand allowed the individuals to have fun with the campaign…showing their #DDPerksLove in the shower, dressing room and even at the show. They also played on the awards theme by having DWTS Derek Hough present his own award for someone who is ‘golden on the inside and outside’…none other than one of our favorite creators, @Arielle, was the big winner.

Gimme @dunkindonuts #AD #redcarpet #awardseason #DDPerksLove

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Getting ready for a big Hollywood weekend @DunkinDonuts #AD #redcarpet #DDperkslove and #awardseason

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Almonds – Clutch Necessities 

The California Almond company partnered with E! news correspondent, @mariamenounos, to showcase how they play a role in the on-the-go snack game. Maria was not only sharing her red carpet moments with the E! network but also tapped into social platforms such as SnapChat and Periscope to give her followers a personal perspective on the night, making her a great fit for this campaign.

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