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Captiv8 Partners with The Brandr Group to Provide Analytics, Reporting, and Performance Measurement for NIL Group Licensing Campaigns

Captiv8 and The Brandr Group NIL Influencer Marketing

Captiv8 welcomes The Brandr Group (TBG) as their newest partner to the Captiv8 Collegiate NIL marketing family. Now approaching two years since NIL officially entered collegiate athletics, Captiv8 Collegiate continues to grow as it provides a platform solution, resources, consultation, and opportunities for NIL service providers, universities, and agencies. 

TBG is a brand management, marketing and licensing agency, that has partnered with over 80 universities to manage, administer, and create group rights opportunities on behalf of the student-athletes. With decades of collective management experience for some of the world’s largest brands, TBG has previously managed group rights programs for the NFL, NBA, and MLB players associations in college. This new partnership unlocks the opportunity for brands to feature student-athletes’ NIL in branded content, co-branded with the logos and marks of TBG’s partner universities. 

When asked what this partnership means for NIL and the future of the creator economy, Captiv8 Vice President of Business Strategy and Success, Bryce Adams had this to share “Our agreement with The Brandr Group will allow us to continue to integrate student-athletes into the creator economy. Captiv8’s brand partners can now leverage group rights to develop co-branded campaigns and creative with some of the highest engaging creators on the internet, student-athletes. Content created in tandem with TBG will allow us to deepen our connection with consumers and drive them further down the funnel using organic & paid distribution.”

“Captiv8 shares our mindset of making the student-athlete our priority within Name, Image, and Likeness opportunities,” said Hunter Haynes, VP of Group Rights at The Brandr Group. “Captiv8 brings a wealth of knowledge and connections that will help create value for both their brand partners and to the student-athletes themselves when combined with our portfolio of thousands of student-athletes who have opted- in at 80-plus schools and universities.” 

FAQ’s About the Partnership

What is the significance of this partnership?

“The partnership with Captiv8 is significant for The Brandr Group as it allows brands to gain deeper insights into the social media performance of student-athletes participating in group licensing opportunities. It will enable us to optimize our offerings, making data-driven decisions to ensure maximum value and impact for our brand partners and student-athletes.”

What is group licensing as it relates to the NIL space? How does this relate to branded

“Group licensing in the NIL space refers to the collective marketing and licensing of multiple athletes’ Name, Image, and Likeness, often in conjunction with university logos and marks. This creates opportunities for brands to leverage the combined appeal of a group of athletes in a co-branded capacity for commercial promotions. It also creates an easier path for brands to work with collegiate athletes at scale.”

Why should brands care that this partnership between Captiv8 and The Brandr Group brings group licensing capabilities to future NIL influencer marketing campaigns?

“Brands should consider this partnership because it allows for a more streamlined, effective approach to NIL marketing campaigns. With group licensing, brands can harness student-athletes’ collective appeal, amplifying their campaigns’ impact and driving better results.”

How will this partnership drive impact in the NIL/creator economy space?

“This partnership will significantly impact the NIL/creator economy by providing a platform for more effective, data-driven campaigns. It will empower student-athletes to fully leverage their NIL rights, generate new opportunities for brands, and fuel the growth of the NIL market.”

VP of Group Rights at The Brandr Group, Hunter Haynes

For more on this NIL influencer marketing partnership between Captiv8 Collegiate and The Brandr Group, check out the full press release here!

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