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7 of the Fastest-Growing Mental Health Advocates to Follow on Social Media Today

Mental Health Advocates

May is mental health awareness month in the United States, and mental health creators on social media are flourishing. Although social media is often criticized for the toll it takes on an individual’s mental health, there are a group of mental health advocates on social media providing support for those in need. Thanks to the help of these creators, there are in fact benefits of social media for mental health awareness. Here are7 of the fastest-growing mental health advocates to follow on social media today!

The Shani Project

Social Breakdown

TikTok – 478.2K
Instagram – 23.6K

Dr. Shani is one of the fastest-growing mental health creators on TikTok. Dr. Shani’s social media following has grown a significant 27.18% year to date (YTD)! Her significant growth is well warranted as she’s a licensed therapist whose content specializes in creating mental health TikToks. Dr. Shani helps her followers by providing reassurance, resources, advice, and solutions to her followers!

Dr. Julie Smith


Can you relate to any of these? My new No.1 bestselling book is out now link in bio 🤍 #anxiety #tiktoktherapist #tiktoktherapy #mentalhealth #anxietyawareness

♬ INDUSTRY BABY – Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

Social Breakdown

TikTok – 3.2M
Instagram – 793K
YouTube – 347K

Dr. Julie Smith is a psychologist and licensed therapist who focuses on creating educational content surrounding the importance of mental health. She covers concepts such as positively setting boundaries, stress management, and awareness of mental health issues. Dr. Smith is also one of the fastest-growing creators on social media with an 18.45% growth rate YTD!

Dr. Kojo Sarfo


May is Mental Health Awareness Month! I have three rules for y’all! 1. Spread awareness 2. Be Kind & 3. Have Fun! #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

♬ Bad boy – Marwa Loud

Social Breakdown

TikTok – 2.3M
Instagram – 228K
YouTube – 13.8K
Twitter – 1.4K

Dr. Kojo Sarfo is a mental health nurse practitioner and psychotherapist who combines his expertise in the mental health space with his ability to create relatable content. His content often pertains to helping individuals positively express themselves, advice, and tips to combat different scenarios and mental health struggles. With a YTD growth percentage of 18.43%, Dr. Sarfo is another mental health advocate who is quickly growing on social media.

Divija Bhasin

Divija Bhasin

Social Breakdown

Instagram – 132K
YouTube – 9.61K
Twitter. – 9.8K

Another mental health creator who is quickly growing on social media is Divija Bhasin with a growth rate of 13.33% YTD. The Delhi-based creator primarily utilizes Instagram Reels as her main method of relaying content. Bhasin is a licensed therapist who uses her platform to help raise awareness and reduce stigmas surrounding mental health issues.

Dr. Tracey Marks

Social Breakdown

YouTube – 1.08M
TikTok – 108.8K
Instagram – 13.7K
Twitter – 6.3K

Dr. Tracey Marks is a psychiatrist whose social channels focus on mental health education, identification, and self-improvement. In her content, Dr. Marks tackles various disorders, signs of them, and advice for coping and treating them. With a growth rate of 12.82% YTD, Dr. Marks is quickly growing her following in 2022.

Jay Shetty


Tell me yours in the comments 🙏

♬ Sad Emotional Piano – DS Productions

Social Breakdown

TikTok – 2.3M
Instagram – 10.8M
YouTube – 411K
Twitter – 333.6K

Jay Shetty is a wildly popular social media figure in the mental health space. Shetty is a motivational speaker who helps others build positive environments for themselves and the people in their lives. He has also seen tremendous growth as his social media following has grown 12.4% YTD through his valuable content.

Dr. Nicole LePera

Mental Health Advocates on Social Media

Social Breakdown

Instagram – 5.1M
YouTube – 319K
TikTok – 121.6K

Dr. Nicole LePera is a licensed therapist whose content focuses on helping people positively and openly express themselves. Dr. LePera posts many infographics that help others navigate stressful situations and mental health issues as seen above. With a growth rate of 9.08% in 2022, De. LePera is another creator who is quickly growing her following in the mental health space!


In conclusion, May is mental health awareness month in the United States. Thanks to the support of creators like the ones listed above, there are many benefits of social media for mental health awareness. Interested in learning more about how we calculated follower growth rate? Reach out to us today!

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