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Platform Powered, Expert Enabled

Offering Enablement Services on-demand that allow you to scale your efforts and benefit from our experience activating over 200,000 sponsored posts.

Strategic Planning

Good insights are critical to a successful creative strategy. From AI-Powered talent lists to a social listening tool that will help you untap competitive whitespace for your brand. Our platform enables precise decisions, and our team of experts help translate meaningful data into impactful and well-targeted campaigns.

Talent Relations

At the core of our people and platform are the superfans and brand loyalists who build influential social interactions. From busy moms with a small, but deeply engaged audience to gamers in Texas with global reach, our team specializes in cultivating these relationships to bring you diverse voices.

Content Production

Our in-house production and creative team, Studio8, captures branded content fit for your next TV spot.

Our scripting, shooting, SFX, & editing bring your brand story to life with casted talent that’ll garner millions of impressions.


Work with talent to create immersive experiences-- both onsite and virtually-- that build brand connections through engaging content.

We design shareworthy moments from start to finish that create measurable buzz for your brand.

Media Activation

Our team specializes in architecting impactful media plans to guarantee your messages are reaching your core audiences with target precision. We amplify and distribute content across native, programmatic, social, OTT – all of your critical digital destinations.

Activate Globally

More than 20 countries!

Access & activate creators around the globe from the UK to Japan. Marketers across the world are leveraging Captiv8 to bring to life global campaigns.

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