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Captiv8 empowers your team to seamlessly launch, promote and scale successful influencer programs that drive real business impact.

How We Make Marketers Smarter

Smarter Business Intelligence

Captiv8 is the only influencer marketing platform with first-party creator authentication -- gain a deeper understanding of your creators, their passions, and what makes them tick to customize outreach and find the perfect fit. Information direct from the source and exclusive to Captiv8.

Stay competitive with our intelligent search engine for social posts -- search captions, bios, & images to uncover brand conversations and insights that matter to your brand (and customers).

Supercharge your influencer strategy with in-depth social listening & insights that track conversations, competitors, & trends custom hashtag tracking across key social channels.

Optimize your influencer investments and predict impressions, views, engagements, growth & more for every influencer on every social channel.

How We Make Marketers Faster

Efficiency Powers Performance

  • AI Powered Discovery

    A smarter discovery tool with hundreds of creator filters (and lookalike filters to find similar creators instantly).

  • In-depth creator profiles

    Simplify your search and verify you’re reaching the right audiences with the perfect brand fit

  • Social Influencer CRM

    Import existing creators, add internal notes, and fine-tune your favorites to easily index and personalize talent lists for ongoing monitoring & future activation

    Campaign Management Workflow

    Intuitive all-in-one campaign flows to help you dream up and deliver campaigns in record time.

  • Content Calendar

    Visualize your post flighting and never miss a key moment-- the ultimate content planning tool!

  • Payment

    Keep payouts organized and easily manageable with creator payment for seamless campaign transactions and financing

  • Reporting

    Real-time measurement dashboard to capture every piece of data you care about-- get the insights to make better decisions.

How We Make Marketers Better

Minimize risk, maximize ROI:
Invest with confidence

AI-powered talent recommendations based on weighted metrics you care about most and relevance with your target audience, because influencer marketing is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

In our platform, transparency rules-- vet creator content and assess brand risk with flagged posts for adult content, hate speech, racism, profanity, & more. AI and machine learning algorithms confirm follower and engagement authenticity on every sponsored post so you can invest with confidence.

Take action on your best performing content and quickly launch paid advertising directly in Captiv8 with A/B testing, dynamic targeting, and both whitelisting & dark posting capabilities without ever leaving our platform.

Activate a shoppable influencer campaign to drive sales with influencers with custom tracking links, commission-based creator payment, and integrations with Shopify & Refersion.

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