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Thoughts on YouTube’s New Community Update

YouTube at its heart is a video-sharing platform. After all, video is the reason this wildly-popular video-sharing tool now claims more than one billion users. But despite its incredible popularity, YouTube’s creators and marketers face stiff competition. Whether we’re talking about Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram, all of today’s top social media platforms inevitably are…

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Why Apple Picked YouTube Creators to Help Release the iPhone X

Apple’s flagship device, the iPhone, has long been a consumer and media favorite. Each new device release is accompanied by a seemingly endless series of tech and news reviews about the latest features and software updates. But with the release of its newest device, the iPhone X, Apple decided to take a different approach. Instead…

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How YouTube’s Recent Clamp Down is Hurting Creators

A few months ago, advertisers started to flee the YouTube platform after they felt their ads were showing up on videos that they considered not ‘brand safe’. This exodus led to a clamp down by YouTube to try to improve guidelines and give brands more ownership in where their ads are shown. Not surprisingly, this…

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Increase Your Visibility On YouTube
Essential Tips to Increase Your Visibility On YouTube

YouTube is the second largest online search engine in the world. Millions of vloggers have joined the online platform in hopes to become the next Lily Singh or PewDiePie. But, only a very small percentage are able to generate thousands of views daily. Rather than focusing on creating the next viral hit of the week,…

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L’Oreal’s YouTube Beauty Squad: Total Engagement & Social Reach

L’Oreal’s partnership with a group of five YouTube beauty “vloggers,” called the Beauty Squad, has earned the company plenty of social credibility with young consumers. But some of the vloggers in L’Oreal’s partnership, like Patricia Bright (pictured above) performed better than others. Beauty vlogging on YouTube is a big deal. Some sources suggest there are…

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4 Tips To Create Successful Product Reviews on Youtube

Product reviews are big business on YouTube. Not only are more brands partnering with YouTube creators to show off their latest wares, they can also be highly effective. One recent study found that more than 90% of millennials between the ages of 14-18 watch product reviews on YouTube.¬†And product reviews aren’t just for cosmetics and…

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