Influencer Driven Social Media Campaigns

8 Brilliant Influencer Driven Social Media Campaigns

  Brands are evolving. They are innovating their marketing campaigns and strategies. According to Adweek,  75% of brands  are turning to influencers driven advertising strategies. Influencers are a unique assets to many brands. They help leverage your brand’s awareness, build your audience, and improve your ROI. But, creating a successful campaign takes more time than…

Revisiting the Celebrity- vs. Micro-Influencer Debate

How does the social media performance of celebrity influencers compare with “micro-influencers?” We examined some recent influencer efforts by Australia’s tourism board to understand the difference. Earlier this month, we took a closer look at the rise of so-called “micro-influencers.” Whereas a lot of the early focus of  influencer marketing campaigns was on big-name celebrities…

How To Be An Influencer In College

College Students: How To Be An Influencer While You’re Still In College

Get Discovered By Brands Celebrities are not the only ones who can score lucrative sponsorship deals. Companies such as Sperry and Adidas are partnering up with college students to understand the inner workings of their peers. In return, students have received free swag.  While others have been flown around the world or given backstage VIP…

4 Tips To Create Successful Product Reviews on Youtube

Product reviews are big business on YouTube. Not only are more brands partnering with YouTube creators to show off their latest wares, they can also be highly effective. One recent study found that more than 90% of millennials between the ages of 14-18 watch product reviews on YouTube. And product reviews aren’t just for cosmetics and…

Fake Instagram Influencer

How to Spot Fake Instagram Influencer?

Like most social media networks, Instagram has plenty of fake profiles and parody accounts. According to a recent study, up to 24 million Instagram accounts could be spam bots created in the online black market. These accounts are not only throwing off brands but even influencers themselves. Creating a false account to impersonate a celebrity…

get better at instagram

How To Push Your Instagram To The Next Level

As more users turn to Instagram to promote their brand, it becomes harder to stand out. Whether you’re trying to reach your thousandth follower or become Instafamous, Captiv8 has you covered with tips and tricks to push your Instagram game to the next level.   How to Hashtag Hashtags are vital to growing your Instagram…

Influencer Spotlight: St. Patricks’s Day

It’s that time of year again to channel their inner Irish. Saint Patrick’s day is officially here, so get ready to see green, like the Chicago river this past weekend, and alcohol such as lots and lots of green beer! This week we will be highlighting 4 digital influencers who are creating DIY projects for…

Micro-Influencers vs Social Influencers: Who Is Better For Your Brand?

People are tired of ads. Many have turned to online streaming to escape commercials, and the use of browser extensions like AdBlock to keep ads from appearing on web pages. But social media influencers are the new publishers. They can help you spread the message of your brand – without it feeling like an ad…

Brands and Influencers Hit the Streets of Austin for SXSW

Earlier this week, we took a closer look at how brands were using their social accounts at the South by Southwest festival to build excitement for various marketing programs. But given the extent of marketing activity happening in Austin, a single post isn’t really enough. In this second installment on SXSW, we’re going to investigate…

influencers found by brands

Influencers: Here’s How to Get Found By Brands

In the digital age of social media, regular people can become online celebrities. These individuals, also known as influencers, have gained powerful social media followings that are engaged and highly active. Although, as more and more influencers are entering the scene, it’s become harder to capture the attention of brands. But hope is not lost….

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