KimK Is Missing Out on $300k/Week But It Doesn’t Matter

While it’s been over 4 weeks since the reality star icon has posted on social (or after this week, kept a post live), her stardom isn’t fading. Through our Insights platform, we pulled her follower stats on Instagram from the past week and found that in just 5 days (and without posting any new content),…

Influencer Spotlight: Halloween Edition

As the days begin to become more gloomy and dreary, we are met with the holiday that as children we looked forward to all year, Halloween. However, as an adult we constantly struggle with one question, how can I have the most unique costume in the room? A quick look through social media will reveal…

World of Tanks Campaign

Wargaming partnered with Captiv8 to send two Influencers (SeaNanners and Rooster Teeth) to the PAX gaming conference to drive a real tank and integrate the footage with gameplay to drive users to the game. Check it out!

Trump Wins on Social Following Debate #2

The second Presidential Debate is over but the discussions are far from it. Through our platform, Insights, we pulled the most engaging hashtags on Twitter (based on likes & comments) leading up to, during and after the broadcast. Six of the Top 10 hashtags were associated with Trump’s camp, with the recently promoted #bigleaguetruth accounting…

3 Ways to Leverage Snapchat this Football Season

We are in week 4 of what some call the best time of the year. With about 3 1/2 months until the AFC and NFC Championships, and 4 months to go until the Super Bowl, there is still plenty of time to join the conversation and get in front of this audience. And it’s a massive audience at…

The Burning Man Conversation

It’s been a little over a week since ‘The Burn’ and while most have recovered, the majority of people are still reminiscing about the glorious dessert adventure.

Influencer Spotlight

While the Olympics have ended and the athletes and photographers return home to rest, there are those that continue to go to the next level. Here are some influencers that continue their journey year round.

Most Viral Photos for Rio2016

Were you glued to your TV set every night, on the edge of your seat to see who of the over 11k athletes participating would take the gold across the 306 events? Now that the games are over, we wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on the glorious two weeks of intense athleticism,…

Facebook Live Best Practices

As new distribution channels emerge and consumers flock to try out the latest and greatest, brands are eager to test them out, too. Facebook Live is among those that are becoming increasingly more popular and a line item for campaigns. So how do you effectively leverage the audience you’ve built on the social giant’s platform to…

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