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Three Strategies to Understand the Impact of Influencers on Social Commerce

Today’s influencer campaigns are no longer just about building awareness. As we explained in a blog post earlier this fall, a growing number of marketers are using creators to help impact all stages of the marketing “purchase funnel,” including sales. But what are the best platforms for encouraging purchases? Are there specific product categories that…

Thoughts on YouTube’s New Community Update

YouTube at its heart is a video-sharing platform. After all, video is the reason this wildly-popular video-sharing tool now claims more than one billion users. But despite its incredible popularity, YouTube’s creators and marketers face stiff competition. Whether we’re talking about Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram, all of today’s top social media platforms inevitably are…

Five Reasons to Consider a Social Brand Takeover

Any brand marketer will tell you that building a popular, and highly-engaged, social media account takes a lot of work. There’s decisions to be made about how to create compelling content, how to best interact with fans and customers and how to ensure the brand’s messages are communicated in an engaging way. While there’s no…

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