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Why Snapchat Decided to Start “Paying” Attention to Creators

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel had the influencer world talking earlier this month when he announced the platform would start offering “monetization” opportunities to top creators in 2018. Creators will soon have the option to earn ad revenue using the same type of model used on other content platforms like YouTube. What’s the strategy behind Snapchat’s…

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Stories War Part Two: How Creators Are Using Instagram and Snapchat

Earlier this year, Captiv8 took a closer look at how creators were using Instagram Stories and Snapchat, two of today’s most popular social platforms for consumers and marketers. Based on a study we conducted, Instagram Stories was seeing lots of initial success when compared to its main rival, Snapchat. Even though creators were evenly split in…

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VIDEO: Here is what Snap needs to do to survive

Watch our co-founder, Krishna, on CNBC Fast Money where he shares his thoughts on the future of SNAP and what they need to do to turn things around. Here is what Snap needs to do to survive: Tech investor from CNBC.

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HBO’s New “Game of Thrones” Snapchat Lenses Target Super-fans

This weekend marks the return of HBO’s eagerly-anticipated hit show, Game of Thrones. Not surprisingly, excitement for the seventh, and final, season of the show has been building on social media. The HBO marketing execs behind this blockbuster hit have faced a unique challenge in promoting this season. With so much media coverage and social…

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What Snap’s New Link-Sharing Feature Means for Marketers

A few days ago, Snap unveiled a new feature called Paperclip, which allows all Snapchat users to link to external websites and videos from within the app. While a new link-sharing feature may not seem all that innovative at first glance, it’s actually big news for any marketer or creator that splits their time between…

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Influencer Marketing 101: Making Great Content

Welcome back to Captiv8’s multi-part series on the basics of influencer marketing. Our team spends a lot of time thinking about the strategies and news stories impacting the discipline of influencer marketing. But for those who are new to the discipline there are likely some fundamental questions that often go unanswered. What is “influencer” marketing? How do…

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Stories War: How Creators Use Instagram vs. Snapchat

Ahead of Snap’s first quarterly earnings call with investors today, there’s lots of speculation about the company’s performance. Not only has Facebook-owned Instagram been copying Snapchat’s most successful features like Stories, it’s also managed to slow, and possibly stop, the upward increase in users flocking to the Snapchat platform. But these macro-level examinations of Snap’s…

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What Marketers Need to Know Ahead of Snapchat’s Earnings

As you’re probably aware, social-focused messaging app Snapchat became a public company in March 2017. Since then, the question that everyone, including investors, marketers, and creators, has been asking is “how are they doing?” Starting on May 10, we may get an answer. With Facebook’s Instagram doing all they can to copy the nascent company’s…

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Instagram, Spectacles, and the Future of Snapchat

Snapchat and Instagram are increasingly locked in a competition to get more consumers, creators, and advertisers using their platform. Who will prevail? (AdamPrzezdziek, Flickr) Last week, we took a closer look at Instagram’s new carousel feature as we examined the opportunities it offers to brands and creators looking to drive engagement. But it’s hard to…

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