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The Most Engaging March Madness Campaigns on Social Media 2024

The Most Engaging March Madness Campaigns on Social Media

As March Madness sweeps across the nation, the frenzy isn’t confined to just the basketball courts. Brands activating NIL deals across social media becomes a battleground where brands, have leveraged the excitement and engagement that comes with one of the biggest sporting events of the year. This blog post dives into the some of the most engaging March Madness social media campaigns, showcasing how companies have successfully harnessed the power of the tournament to drive engagement, enhance brand awareness, and create unforgettable moments for their audience. For a full analysis, download our report: Who Won March Madness on Social Media? Analyzing the Top Performing Players, Teams, and Campaigns.

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Note: EMV is calculated using the Ayzenberg Index. Campaign engagements reflect data as of April 2, 2024.

Skims Slam Dunk: Kardashian’s March Madness Social Media Campaign Scores Big in Men’s Wear Expansion

  • 17 Activations
  • 32 Posts
  • $5.58B Estimated EMV
  • 18% Engagement Rate
  • 813.74 Total Engagements

In an innovative move that marries high fashion with high-stakes college basketball, Kim Kardashian’s Skims launched a standout March Madness campaign that not only highlights the brand’s expansion into men’s wear but also leverages the immense popularity and influence of collegiate athletes. This strategic pivot aimed at capturing the attention of a broader, potentially untapped demographic: male college basketball fans.

The campaign featured partnerships with 17 athletes who produced a total of 32 pieces of content. This collaboration has not only amplified Skims’ presence across social media platforms but also resulted in an estimated EMV of over $5.58 billion.

The highlight of the initiative was a made-for-TV commercial and a dedicated March All-Star campaign that spotlighted six college basketball players: Caleb Love from Arizona, Donovan Clingan from UConn, Hunter Dickinson from Kansas, Jared McCain from Duke, Robert Dillingham from Kentucky, and Paxson Wojcik from UNC. These athletes were chosen to represent the brand’s performance-ready Terry collection, which focuses on delivering high-quality apparel for an active lifestyle.

Powerade’s Dynamic Campaign Spotlights NCAA Stars’ Journey to Success

  • 2 Activations
  • 16 Posts
  • $28.57M Estimated EMV
  • 3.08% Engagement Rate
  • 355.59 Total Engagements

Ahead of the highly anticipated March Madness tournament, Powerade unveiled its national marketing campaign, “March Doesn’t Start in March”. This narrative pays homage to the relentless preparation and dedication of college athletes. Central to this campaign are Powerade’s newly partnered star athletes: LSU guard Flau’Jae Johnson and USC guard Isaiah Collier. These partnerships not only spotlight the athletes’ journey to the NCAA tournament but also emphasize the year-round grind that defines the path to collegiate basketball glory. With a focus on the unseen hard work, the campaign resonates with the dedication required to compete at the highest levels of college sports.

With two major activations, the campaign successfully rolled out 16 posts across various platforms, yielding an EMV of $28.57 million. This figure not only highlights the campaign’s widespread reach but also underscores the connection between Powerade’s brand messaging and audience.

Raising Cane’s Underdog Challenge Offers Free Combos for Victories

  • 13 Activations
  • 14 Posts
  • $22.5M Estimated EMV
  • 3.67% Engagement Rate
  • 245.53K Total Engagements

Raising Cane’s has kicked off an exciting partnership with 13 March Madness athletes in their Underdog Challenge. This campaign celebrates the spirit of the underdog while offering fans the chance to indulge in a Box Combo for free. The campaign activated players such as DJ Burns from NC State, Chase Hunter from Clemson, Mikaylah Williams from LSU, and Sydney Parrish from Indiana.

As the tournament progresses, Raising Cane’s fans eagerly await every Underdog Victory, knowing that with each unexpected triumph, they’ll have the chance to receive a free meal. The concept is simple: when the odds are beaten on the court, the Chicken Fingers get eaten. 

Unlocking Brand Potential: Captiv8’s Data-Driven Solutions for Any Campaign

Through partnerships with star athletes, engaging campaigns, and creative activations, these March Madness social media campaigns have demonstrated the potential of sports marketing to drive engagement.

At the heart of these successful campaigns lies the ability to harness data-driven insights and strategic partnerships. Platforms like Captiv8 provide invaluable tools for brands to understand audience preferences, track campaign performance, and optimize their marketing strategies. By leveraging these insights, brands can make informed decisions, maximize their ROI, and stay ahead of the competition. Interested in learning more? Take a platform tour today!

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