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10 Spring Cleaning Campaigns to Inspire a Clutter-Free Home

As we embrace the arrival of spring, there’s no better time to focus on decluttering and cleaning our spaces. The role of social media influencers has become increasingly prominent, shaping consumer behavior and influencing purchasing decisions in profound ways. The statistics underscore this phenomenon: 30% of individuals attribute their increased frequency of cleaning to the influence of social media, while 31% find themselves compelled to purchase cleaning products after exposure to enticing online content. Furthermore, 33% of Gen Zers demonstrating a heightened openness to trying new household products. As a result, influencers have a unique opportunity to capture the attention of this demographic and drive engagement. We take a closer look at 10 spring cleaning campaigns that leverage the power of influencer marketing to promote products and inspire individuals to get organized. 

10 Spring Cleaning Campaigns for a Fresh Start

1. @HomeWithRoo Participates in 7 Days of Spring Cleaning with Shark

@homewithroo and Shark captivated audiences with a refreshing take on spring cleaning. With 696K followers on Instagram, UK-based @homewithroo is renowned for her cleaning tips and lifestyle content. Shark partnered with @homewithro for a 7-day campaign, from March 18th to March 24th. Roo shared how she uses a variety of Shark vacuums, mops, and steamers to clean various areas of her home.  With over 6 million views, 188K+ likes, and an engagement rate of 3.9%, this collaboration epitomizes the successful activation of an influencer to drive brand awareness and engagement.

By tapping into @homewithroo’s established reputation as a cleaning expert with a large and engaged following, Shark effectively leveraged her authority to showcase their products in action.

2. Swiffer’s PowerMop Campaign Taps into Various Age Demographics

Swiffer’s PowerMop campaign took the spring cleaning season by storm, leveraging the creators across TikTok and Instagram to showcase their latest product.

Among the influencers enlisted for this campaign were @catalinatrez, @nataliecamilay, and @carissacleansitall. While of these influencers boasts a predominantly female audience, we are able to see that each creator caters to a variation in age demographics, ensuring that Swiffer’s message resonates with a wide spectrum of consumers. By strategically activating influencers across multiple platforms and demographics, Swiffer effectively amplified its message and expanded its reach during a key seasonal moment.

@nataliecamilay Spring Cleaning PSA! @Swiffer PowerMop starter kit is 15% off on @Amazon NOW through 3/27 for the March Sale 💜 This gives my floors a deep clean in half the time of a traditional mop and bucket so I can #MopSmarter! #AD #SwifferPartner ♬ original sound – Natalie | Neutral Home Decor

3. Liz Pak, Tiffany Durrah, and Amanda Walker Elevate CLR Brands’ Spring Campaign

CLR Brands’ spring cleaning campaign is a standout example of strategic influencer activation on Instagram. The campaign features a diverse roster of influencers including Liz Pak (@ourlovelypak), Tiffany Durrah (@tiffanydurrah), and Amanda Walker (@dwellaware). Each influencer brought a unique perspective to the campaign, tailoring their content to resonate with their specific audience’s interests.

Liz Pak, known for her focus on cleaning motivation and organization, highlighted CLR’s Brilliant Bath Foaming Cleaner and Rust Remover as the go-to solution for her shower and sink. Her emphasis on the ease of use of CLR products aligned with her audience’s desire for effective yet effortless cleaning solutions.

Tiffany Durrah took a different angle by spotlighting CLR’s non-harsh chemical formulation, emphasizing its safety for use around children and pets. As a mom who frequently shares tips for fellow parents, Tiffany’s endorsement of CLR as a family-friendly cleaner resonated strongly with her audience’s values and concerns.

Amanda Walker leveraged her platform to shine a spotlight on CLR as a woman-owned business, tapping into her audience’s support for female entrepreneurs. With an audience that is 84% female, Amanda’s endorsement of woman-owned brands for cleaning projects carried significant weight with her audience.

By engaging influencers who authentically represented different aspects of CLR’s brand identity and product offerings, the campaign effectively reached diverse audience segments.

4. Trashie’s Sustainable Spring: Influencers Team Up to Revolutionize Recycling

Trashie’s spring cleaning campaign took a sustainable twist, urging consumers to responsibly recycle unwanted clothing and textiles. The Take Back Bag allows users to recycle while rewarding them with valuable TrashieCash rewards for online shopping. To amplify their message, Trashie activated influencers across Instagram, including Allison Baldwin (@lifebyallisonblog), Kelsey G (@thekelsg), and Nicolette Schneider (@nicolette_schneider_). Upon analyzing these influencers in the Captiv8 platform, it was revealed that all of them have a positive audience affinity for style and fashion.

This affinity for style and fashion among the influencers’ audiences holds significant implications for Trashie’s campaign. Firstly, it indicates that the influencers’ followers are likely interested in clothing and fashion-related content, making them receptive to Trashie’s messaging. By aligning the campaign with their followers’ interests, Trashie increases the likelihood of engagement and resonance.

5. Beyond Cleaning: Ikea’s Spring Campaign Transforms Homes with @sareish

Ikea’s spring cleaning campaign took a unique approach by showcasing organizational solutions. @sareish promoted the BOAXEL shelving unit from Ikea, demonstrating how it can elevate home organization and aesthetic appeal. This innovative angle expanded the campaign beyond mere cleaning, offering followers practical and stylish solutions for decluttering.

By partnering with @sareish, Ikea effectively showcased how spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning, but also reorganization! This campaign highlights Ikea’s ability to think outside the box, providing ways to get into the spirit of spring cleaning beyond using cleaning products.

6. Scent-sational Spring: Citrus Magic’s Influencers Spread the Aroma of Freshness

Citrus Magic’s spring cleaning campaign brought a breath of fresh air with its focus on natural air fresheners. Influencers like Summer Shores (@beingsummershores) and Sarah Emmanuel (@iamsarah_sarah) led the charge, each highlighting unique aspects of Citrus Magic’s products. Summer Shores emphasized the importance of pet safety, spotlighting Citrus Magic’s air fresheners as a chemical-free option. Similarly, Sarah Emmanuel praised the fresh scents and safe ingredients, highlighting the product’s ability to leave homes smelling delightful without compromising on safety. This approach only showcased the versatility of Citrus Magic’s products while appealing to a wide range of consumers, from pet owners to individuals seeking natural-based scents.

7. Nicole Spender’s Spring Clean Picks: Walmart’s Essentials for a Clean Home

Walmart’s spring cleaning campaign brought together the best in household essentials through partnership with Nicole Spender (@nikispender). Nicole shared a comprehensive array of products, all conveniently available from Walmart, to facilitate a spring cleaning routine. From Clorox wipes for tough messes to Glad trash bags for decluttering, Nicole showcased Walmart’s diverse selection of cleaning solutions. 

By curating a lineup of trusted brands and products, Nicole demonstrated how Walmart offers everything needed to welcome spring. Through this campaign, Walmart positioned itself as a one-stop destination for all spring cleaning needs, empowering customers to achieve cleanliness with ease and affordability.

8. Lowe’s Spring Organization: Wendolin Becerra’s Guide to Affordable Home Upgrades

Lowe’s spring cleaning campaign embarks on the journey of organization, inviting homeowners to refresh their interiors with ease and affordability. Creator Wendolin Becerra (@wendy_jujubee) leads the charge, showcasing her interior refresh project under $200, all sourced from Lowe’s. With a eye for design and a knack for budget-friendly solutions, Wendy demonstrates how Lowe’s is the ultimate destination for homeowners seeking to renovate without breaking the bank.

9. Cleaning Made Easy: Kaelin Dunn Teams Up with eufyClean for Stress-Free Solutions

The eufyClean campaign effectively utilized influencer marketing by partnering with Kaelin Dunn, better known as @dunnfamilyfun on Instagram. The partnership showcased the benefits of the eufy X10 Pro Omni robotic vacuum. Kaelin’s endorsement resonated with her audience of parents and families, highlighting the product’s ability to simplify cleaning routines. Thus, providing more quality time with loved ones. By leveraging Kaelin’s platform, the campaign communicated product features while offering a compelling discount incentive. 

10. Shana Sherwani’s Guide to Sparkling Surfaces with Sprayway Clean

Shana Sherwani, known as @apieceofmyglamhome introduced Sprayway Clean products to her 829K followers on Instagram through an engaging Reel. Specializing in home finds and seasonal home decor, Shana shared her power room cleaning routine with Sprayway Clean products. Emphasizing their efficacy and streak-free formula, Shana touted Sprayway’s foaming glass cleaner as a staple in her cleaning arsenal.

Unlocking Spring Cleaning Success: The Power of Influencer Partnerships

As we enter the spring season, the significance of decluttering and refreshing our living spaces cannot be overstated. Influencer marketing has emerged as a powerful tool, within spring cleaning campaigns, shaping consumer behavior and influencing purchasing decisions. The campaigns highlighted in this article underscore the effectiveness of strategic influencer partnerships in driving brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. 

As brands seek to navigate the evolving landscape of influencer marketing, Captiv8 can help identify influencers for their next campaign. By harnessing the power of influencer marketing, brands can effectively amplify their message, drive consumer action, and achieve tangible results. Interested in learning more? Take a platform tour today!

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