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10 Inspiring Gen Z Influencers Building Digital Empires

10 Inspiring Gen Z Influencers Building Digital Empires

Gen Z reigns supreme dominating social media platforms with their innovative content and captivating presence. As the generation that spends the most time on social media daily, Gen Z creators have become a driving force in shaping online trends and culture. 74% of Gen Z use TikTok as a search platform and more than half (51%) even prefer it to Google. With their appetite for media consumption, they create and consume a vast array of content across various platforms. In light of recognizing the impact Gen Z has on social media, we used our creator discovery feature to identify and spotlight 10 Gen Z influencers in the United States who have created their own empires and amassed the largest followings across social media. Join us as we explore the rise of these Gen Z creators and their profound effect on the social media landscape.

The Social Media Takeover of Gen Z

Gen Z influencers have emerged as the driving force behind innovative content and influential trends. With an unparalleled presence on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, they are not just content creators but architects of their own empires and brands, harnessing the power of their massive following. What sets Gen Z creators apart is their innate understanding of their audience—their peers. With a finger on the pulse of their generation, they effortlessly cater to the ever-evolving desires and preferences of Gen Z, delivering content that resonates. From relatable humor to authentic storytelling, these creators have mastered the art of engaging their audience, setting the stage for a new era of digital influence driven by the voices of Gen Z.

10 Gen Z Influencers That Have Built Their Own Brands

1. Charli D’amelio

Gen Z audience – 63.07%
Total – 209.28M Followers
Instagram – 44.6M Followers
TikTok – 152.6 M Followers
YouTube – 9.12M Followers
Facebook – 2.83M Followers
Twitter – 5.1M Followers

After going viral on TikTok for a dance video in 2019, Charli D’amelio with the help of her family has built an empire. She is now the 2nd most followed person on TikTok and continues to use social media to encapsulate her majority Gen Z audience. From being an ambassador for high-end brands like Prada and Burberry to launching the clothing line Social Tourist , perfume Born Dreamer, and D’amelio Footwear, Charli is the epitome of a Gen Z creator being able to take their virality to the next level.


these @Geske_Beauty_Tech products are game changers when it comes to keeping my skin healthy and glowy on the go!! #ad #geske #beautytech #reimagine_your_skin #beautydevice

♬ original sound – charli d’amelio

2. Addison Rae

Gen Z audience – 62.43%
Total – 128.68M Followers
Instagram – 35.8M Followers
TikTok – 88.6M Followers
YouTube – 4.24M Followers

Similar to Charli D’amelio, Addison Rae got her start by posting videos on TikTok and carefully transformed that virality into creating a long-lasting brand. This Gen Z creator has learned to turn her passion into projects, such as her previous makeup brand, Item Beauty, and starring in movies such as He’s All That and Thanksgiving. Addison continues to emphasize to her Gen Z audience how it is crucial to follow your dreams and not be ashamed of doing so.


My perfect everyday makeup routine🥛🍓 @ILIA Beauty #iliapartner

♬ original sound – Addison Rae

3. Loren Gray

Gen Z audience – 68.59%
Total – 24.21M Followers
Instagram – 24.2M Followers
TikTok – 53.9M Followers
YouTube – 3.66M Followers
Twitter – 1.5M Followers

Loren Gray is one of the many Gen Z creators who started their social media journey on TikTok’s predecessor She was the most followed person on TikTok until 2020 when Charli D’amelio took reign. Loren Gray’s majority Gen Z audience has remained connected with her due to Loren maintaining authenticity and sharing her hardships with her audience. Even through her struggles, Loren managed to previously launch her jewelry brand &always, and continues to explore the world of music, having recently launched a single titled “Breadcrumbs”.

4. Avani Gregg

Gen Z audience – 65.65%
Total – 60.97M Followers
Instagram – 16.8M Followers
TikTok – 42.6M Followers
YouTube – 1.16M Followers
Facebook – 355K Followers
Twitter – 2.4M Followers

Gen Z creator Avani Gregg, commonly known as “Clown Girl” is another social media personality who has managed to capture the attention of Gen Z. After going viral for her makeup transformation to Harley Quinn, Avani has created her own brand. She has been able to work with large corporations such as Nike and Prada and continues to build her social media presence through her authentic content. Her love for the horror genre has fueled her content and reputation as “the queen of Halloween” on TikTok.  In line with her Halloween-centric reputation, Avani will be starring in an upcoming Horror Short Film, Ur.Seen.

5. Michael Le

Gen Z audience – 60.92%
Total – 57.83M Followers
Instagram – 2.3M Followers
TikTok – 51.7M Followers
YouTube – 3.76M Followers

Michael Le is best known for being a dancer on social media. He creates videos with his family as well as other creators who share his passion for dance. Michael has collaborated with brands such as Prada, Hugo Boss, Disney, and Ray-Ban, all while continuing to focus on his passion for dance and gaming. He most recently founded the Shluv Dance Academy where people can recieve exclusive dance tutorials from Michael himself. Through this project, Michael wants to ensure his audience is able to explore the world of dance for free. He also co-founded Joystick, a Web3 esports company. 


#ad The UGC MODE in PUBG MOBILE’s WORLD OF WONDER is nearing its first anniversary, offering exciting activities such as hide and seek, blade ball, and parkour. They also have a new Virtual Projection Device, that enables character to dance at parties! 👀🔥Try it out for yourself @PUBG MOBILE #PUBGMOBILE #PUBGMWOW #PUBGMCREATIVE #DANCEINWOW

♬ Mach 5000 Megamix (Bonus Track) – Beasts On Wax

6. Keemo Kazi

Gen Z audience – 58.04%
Total – 49.87M Followers
Instagram – 4M Followers
TikTok – 36.5M Followers
YouTube – 9.3M Followers

Keemo Kazi went viral on TikTok after showcasing his life with his family and the fun chaos that sometimes ensues. Having five sisters and being the only son of immigrant Arabic parents has contributed majorly to Keemo’s overall content. From sharing experiences such as fasting during Ramadan to playing pranks on different family members, those that follow Keemo are able to get a glimse into his real life. His most recent endeavor includes making music and finding his place within the music industry.


Going to try and keep up this morning routine all ramadan ❤️🌙

♬ original sound – KEEMOKAZI

7. Mackenzie Ziegler

Gen Z audience – 66.92%
Total – 42.93M Followers
Instagram – 14.7M Followers
TikTok – 23.5M Followers
YouTube – 3.81M Followers
Facebook – 905K Followers

While Mackenzie Ziegler received her fame through her starring on the hit reality TV show Dance Moms, she has continued to share her life with her audience through social media. Over the years she has built an empire for herself alongside her mother Melissa Gisoni and sister Maddie Ziegler. Her clothing line, created in collaboration with Maddie at American Eagle has seen great success. While having a dancing background Mackenzie has worked towards diversifying her portfolio. One of her passions is her singing career, with her most recent single being “Word Vomit”.            


loving my smile, wish I would’ve started @invisalign sooner #invisalignpartner

♬ original sound – Mackenzie Ziegler

8. Tessa Brooks

Gen Z audience – 46.9%
Total – 22.6M Followers
Instagram – 22.5M Followers
TikTok – 5.7M Followers
Facebook – 190K Followers
Twitter – 680.38K Followers

Tessa Brooks got her start on YouTube and has since transitioned to creating her presence on TikTok. With a dancing background, Tessa has worn many hats including actress, director, and even creator of a school in Bali. Tessa has worked toward building her brand on social media for many years but most recently she fulfilled her biggest goal which is to open a school to change the lives of children experiencing poverty. Her school Tessa Brooks Learning Center is Karmagawa’s 79th school.


yesterday morning ☀️ @Alo Yoga

♬ My Love Mine All Mine – Mitski

9. Ben Azelart

Gen Z audience – 59.4%
Total – 46.88M Followers
Instagram – 5.2M Followers 
TikTok – 15.9M Followers
YouTube – 25.7M Followers

Known for his prank and adventure videos Ben Azelart has built his following over his fun-loving persona. He gained his start on YouTube and continues to stay loyal to the platform. While his primary focus is on YouTube, Ben features hiscontent on various platforms including TikTok. As a co-founder of “Stay Wild” Ben aims to spread joy and laughter by sharing his adventures with his audience. Through his fun content, he has kept the child inside him alive further capturing the attention of Gen Z.


Flying cars are the future!✈️ Just ask @Usher Raymond @Archer #archerpartner

♬ original sound – Ben Azelart

10. Brooklyn and Bailey

Gen Z audience – 56.09%
Total – 23.68M Followers
Instagram – 9.4M Followers
TikTok – 6.7M Followers
YouTube – 7.11M Followers
Twitter – 306.9K Followers

You might know them as the hair models for the hairstyle YouTube Channel Cute Girls Hairstyles, or you may know them as Brooklyn and Bailey. While they got their start on YouTube, these Gen Z twin influencers have diversified their portfolio to further their brand. From collaborating with brands like Merrell and Gucci to founding ITK Skincare, Lash Next Door, and Spi City, these twins are doing it all.

Why Collaborate With Gen Z?

97.5% of Gen Z uses social media as a top source for shopping ideas which makes collaborating with Gen Z creators not just a strategic move for brands but a necessity. 55% of Gen Z trusts influencers over traditional celebrities, so why not collaborate with Gen Z influencers themselves to target this audience? With their innate understanding of their generation’s preferences and an authentic connection with their audience, Gen Z creators offer brands unparalleled access to this demographic.

By partnering with these creators, brands gain an entry point into the daily lives of Gen Z consumers. Moreover, Gen Z creators bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to content creation, helping brands stay relevant and adapt to rapidly changing trends. With their ability to seamlessly integrate products and messages into their authentic content, these creators offer a powerful avenue for brands to reach and resonate with Gen Z audiences in an impactful way.

Looking To Collaborate With Gen Z Influencers?

In conclusion, these Gen Z influencers have taken their initial virality a step further and created their own brands/empires, actively maintaining their presence on various social media platforms. While they cater to their majority audience of Gen Z they have had an impact on all generations as they have pioneered most things trending on social media platforms. These Gen Z influencers have harnessed the power of authenticity to curate content that resonates well with their fellow Gen Z peers. Are you a brand looking to target Gen Z? Take a tour of our award-winning creator discovery features to identify more creators to partner with for a potential campaign today!

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