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Social Media Benchmarks by Industry 2024: Creator Content

Social Media Benchmarks by Industry 2024: Creator Content

As we venture into 2024, businesses across various industries are increasingly recognizing the importance of leveraging creator content to engage their audiences, drive traffic, and ultimately boost conversions. In our 2024 Industry Benchmark Report for Creator Content, we dive into Instagram and TikTok social media benchmarks by industry for 2024, shedding light on the role of creator content in shaping the digital landscape.

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The Rise of Creator Content

Gone are the days when brands relied solely on traditional advertising methods to reach their target audience. Today, consumers crave authenticity and connection, and creator content offers just that. Goldman Sachs estimates the creator economy market size will be nearly $500 billion by 2027, roughly doubling in size from its valuation of $250 billion today. Whether it’s a captivating Instagram post, an engaging TikTok video, or an informative YouTube tutorial, organic creator content has become the cornerstone of social media marketing strategies across industries.

Understanding Social Media Benchmarks

Before diving into industry-specific benchmarks, it’s essential to understand the key metrics that define success on social media platforms. Engagement rate serves as a vital metric in assessing the effectiveness of social media content. Engagement rate is calculated by measuring the number of engagements divided by impressions for Instagram and video views for TikTok. This offers a holistic view of user interaction.

Top TikTok Industries Thrive by Capitalizing on Trends

QSR, Automotive, and Consumer, Shopper, and Retail industries share a focus on visually appealing and creative content. TikTok’s short-form video format these industries to showcase products, promotions, and experiences in a dynamic and engaging way. Thus, better resonating with the platform’s user base.

These industries recognize and leverage TikTok’s predominantly youthful user base. By tailoring content to appeal to a younger audience, these industries tap into the platform’s vibrant and trend-focused culture. In turn, building brand awareness and loyalty among the next generation of consumers.

Instagram’s Top Industries: Visual Appeal and Educational Excellence

Instagram’s grid layout and emphasis on high-quality visuals allows industries such as the Consumer, Shopper, Retail, and Beauty and Fashion to work with influencers to assist in curating a visually cohesive feed. The platform’s image-centric nature is ideal for showcasing makeup looks, fashion styles, and aesthetically pleasing content. Together, this contributes to an engaging and aspirational brand image.

In-depth explanations and visual aids, which better suit Instagram’s capabilities, can be necessary for finance-related topics. This is reflected as the Finance industry ranks higher for engagement on Instagram over TikTok. Instagram’s carousel posts and the ability to share comprehensive infographics make it an ideal platform for finance influencers to deliver educational content.

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